Another range visit!!!!!

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  1. Went to the range today and had another blast!!!!

    Nothing strange in that video right....... Wrong.... I dont know why I couldnt get that mag out but I am glad it didn't.

    As you can see by the pics I had a round that looked as if it had a bad seat from the brass to the projectile??? The pic was after I decided to check the bore and make sure it wasnt obstructed..... Well sure enough it was, the bullet was just past the chamber.

    When I cleared the weapon there was still 1 round in the mag. The thing that raised my attention was all of the unburned powder. The spent brass went out just like normal as well. That mag should have fell I don't know what kept it in there?????

    When I got to looking at what caused this some of the powder has held in little balls and it was almost gel like.... I dont really know what caused this... I can only assume that there was some sort of contamination in the powder.

    I sure am glad that this was not a accident report and that mag DID NOT FALL or I would have finished my magazine change and went back to work.... That would have ben very bad for me!!! I am also glad I decided to just give a quick look down the bore with a piece of white paper in the chamber!!!!!!!!

    Well the end of this story was me punching the bore and hitting it with a bore brush and rechecking for any damage. After there was no visual damage I went back to shooting and having fun. But wow what a close call!!!!!!!!

    I was shooting WWB 115gr and I didnt have any other problems........ But

    The new ATI of my friend Tim who we did the write up on had a case blow out on some Speer +P JHP... In this case the bullet was stuck half way down the barrel.... The sides of the case where the extractor meets the round were blown out..... What are the odds.... Well same as with mine we drove it out and Check the bore for visual damage none was present so we test fired his with no more problems.

    All of this was with factory ammo.

    So in closing always remember BE SAFE. Sometimes even the most vetran of people can make a mistake that will hurt them. I think I got really lucky today with mine. I dont think there was anything that I did worng just one of those things that can happen when you shoot.... Tim's we knew right away by the sound of that case blowing out!!!!!! He went strait to Weapon up and down range and we all locked and cleared!!!! Silly how the Army has us robotic to it!!!!
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    If you were a religious man now would be a good time to give a litle thanks to the big guy. Glad to hear noone was hurt, I felt a little shiver run up my spine just reading this post.
    Personally, I dont think that your proffesionalism and experience you showed at the range is silly at all. I'm sure they told you, as they did us, that your training will one day save your life or the lives of your fellow soldiers... well there ya go.

  3. Yeah I didnt mean it was silly.... Just hard to add sarcasm in on this thing lol
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    what pistol are you shooting in that vid?
  5. What are the odds of two people shooting together and having the things happen that you too did and neither got hurt.

    Bet on the lottery, go to the horse tracks, SOMETHING! :shock:
  6. Yeah i know right!!! Although they were not the same in nature but 2 ammo "problems".

    Weel I guess my luck ran out I did a raffle for a M&P40 and didnt get the call that I won it today...... Thats ok though my luck did me good today!!!!