Another reason why my gun-loving roommate is awesome.

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  1. CharlieOne

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    Myself and my roommate were on our way back from class, and stopped to see a buddy of ours that owns a shop. There was one other guy in there, and we all got to talking about guns.

    I mentioned how I hate the propaganda surrounding guns but some has given many people this unnecessary fear about guns.

    Now, not that I would ever point a firearm, loaded or unloaded, anywhere near anyone (unless, God forbid, they broke into my house and were trying to kill me), but this conversation was awesome:

    RANDOM GUY: Do you know how many unloaded guns accidentally kill people every year?

    ROOMMATE: None.

    RANDOM GUY: But sometimes they just have that bullet in the chamber you didn't notice.

    ROOMMATE: Well, it wasn't unloaded then, was it?
  2. rodka

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    LOL :lol:

  3. Joe Sixpack

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    was that a real conversation? thats to funny..

    course i suspect a few beatings happen.. could see a rifle becoming a might nasty blunt object.

    but ya thats pretty funny.
  4. Haha nice. Better than the comment I heard yesterday: "Yo man! A 380! That has so much more power than a .45". *sigh*.
  5. CharlieOne

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    That was a real conversation. It was great.
  6. About the ONLY way an unloaded gun will kill someone is by beating them in the head with it.

    Your roommate's answer was perfect!
  7. Whittey

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    That's because 380 is almost 8 and a half times bigger, DUH!

  8. a gun, unloaded or not, cannot kill anyone. just as a hammer cannout drive nails by itself. it is a tool that someone uses.