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Discussion in 'Gun Reviews and Range Reports' started by septimius, Oct 27, 2007.

  1. septimius

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    went out today with the kids.. fired the 9 and 380.. again no problems.. probably makes it around 600 rounds thru the 9...

    on a side note.. met another HP user... 9mm.. said he loved it and couldnt go wrong when you pull the trigger and it goes boom... told him about this forum...

  2. We always welcome new members with open arms.. Good on ya!
  3. Hey well done! You'll need to send Primal your address so he can send your share of your buddy's dues!

    [ jk of course ] :lol:
  4. billybybose

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    Way to go dude.Take the kids to the range to train your own mini fire team then spread the word about the forum.Sounds like a productive day.
  5. Member dues? What an awesome idea!

    "Welcome to the Hi-Point Firearms Forums Premium Membership Program. As part of this program, you'll receive the Hi-Point Firearms Forum Members Swimsuit Calendar, as well as a voucher good for 6 months of therapy to be used after viewing the Hi-Point Firearms Forum Members Swimsuit Calendar...." :wink:

  6. The cover can be GlockMan in a pink Speedo with that Pink Glock in a IWB holster.... Wonder which bulge would be bigger? :shock: :oops: :D :lol: