Another set of twins

Discussion in 'Gun Gallery' started by 0311, Dec 17, 2015.

  1. 0311

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    Picked up another TRISTAR CZ clone. This one in black. Hope it shoots as well as the stainless one. Finish is perfect. Very nice gun for the $$$.

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  2. undeRGRound

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    How Much and Where? NICE!
    My neighbor has a CZ 75B, very good gun.
    I'd imagine that is in the mid $300 to low $400 range?

  3. Visper

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    Very nice, I have fondled them at gun shows/dealers. They feel solid, well made. I just love the CZs/Clones.
  4. 0311

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    Ordered it from Centerfire Guns. Paid a total of $343. Looks like the price has gone up quite a bit since last week.
  5. 0311

    0311 Member

    Picked up their little cousin today.

    EAA Witness Pavona in 9mm. Not exactly the finest gun around, but I kinda liked the looks of it.

    New $225 OTD. Couldn't walk away on this one.

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  6. Hipointer

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    You can most certainly see the CZ 75 bloodline in those two! Very nice stuff right there! ;)
  7. Browning 9 Guy

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    Tristar has a nice lineup of shotguns, too. There's a 12 gauge O/U on Gunbroker that caught my eye.
  8. 0311

    0311 Member

    Took the little Pavona to the range today. Ran 100 rounds through it without issue.
  9. EvilE424

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    Perv!!!! LOL do you just go around caressing things :rofl:
  10. EvilE424

    EvilE424 Death to Dishonor Lifetime Supporter

    Congratulations 0311 on your new children! Treat them nicely
  11. ajole

    ajole Supporting Member

    NE Utah
    It's like a poly RAMI that got carried away at a party...:p