Another short vid of the hi point 45 rocking some steel.

Discussion in 'Gun Reviews and Range Reports' started by gotcox, Sep 24, 2014.

  1. gotcox

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    Man i am starting to love this gun. I have over 2000 rounds down the tube and it still just keeps on keeping on. Almost time for a new paint job as the heat punishment i give it is hard on it. lol

    I tried using a new head mount on the gopro. Give me your thoughts on it. Like, dislike. Does it make it feel more point of view or does it just look strange.?
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  2. Dagwood

    Dagwood Supporting Member

    Nice video! more stable camera work than the last video. And pretty good shooting as well. That pistol looks like its been thru the war! Still shooting like a champ! Gotta love HP!

  3. gotcox

    gotcox Member

    Thanks. Ya it is a war wagon not a safe queen so it gets used a lot. I don't abuse it, always clean and lube it. It is just so happy to be out shooting I get sad if the steel gets cold. Lol
  4. RedBird94

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    nice routine. will have to try that with my Kahr. Don't know if the range I go to will allow it
  5. gotcox

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    Thanks. Ya i do not think your gonna find many ranges that will let you practice in this way.
  6. RugerFan

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    Nice video

    Always nice to see another video posted on YouTube that shows just how horrible the HiPoint guns are :D
  7. Think1st

    Think1st Supporting Member

    I really came to enjoy my own 45 JHP the first time I took it out. It does, indeed, shoot like a champ. It's one accurate and reliable pistol!
  8. gotcox

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    Thanks guys. And ya i agree. I either got a great example of there pistol or they are just awesome all around pistols. The only complaint i have with the pistol at all is the weight, but that is par for the course because of the action type and large caliber. I can burn through mags as fast as i can change them, or shoot slow and very accurate, well accurate for me anyway. Very glad i invested in it.
  9. Hipointer

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    No, they are just that good. I have had mine for about two years now, have at least 1,200 rounds through the gun, and have had only one FTF. It was a "flying-ashtray" type JHP. It, other than my .40 S&W SIGMA, have a round count that high, with one or less failures. ;)
  10. gotcox

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