Another small step for gun rights won

Discussion in '2nd Amendment' started by perotter, May 9, 2014.

  1. The Oklahoma senate overrode the govs veto on a bill to made the approval on NFA items by the CLEO a shall approve. The assembly had done so last week.

    "Senators voted, 39-0, to reverse Fallin. The House overrode the chief executive, 86-3, last week. As a result, the measure will become law, taking effect Nov. 1.
    Fallin quickly released a statement on the override, saying House Bill 2461 “makes it easier to sell and transfer restricted firearms and accessories like silencers, which is fine.”"

    Got to wonder why she vetoed it in the 1st place.
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    Dad gum it. Our spineless governor vetoed constitutional carry, and despite having the votes, the senate toed the party line, and let it die.:(

    Your folks did good, congrats.:)

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    Dumb F'in RINO B****, that's why!