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From the description:
"Sundance Industries "Point Blank" Derringer Pistol .22 LR
Plastic Grip / Very Good Action / Very Good Bore
Factory Box Included / Like New!! / Very Unique Pistol!!

The Sundance Point Blank is one of the coolest little Saturday Night Specials I've ever seen.

But wait. What's a Sundance? For those who have never heard of the company, Sundance Industries was a firearms manufacturer established in 1989 by Steven Jennings, who happened to be the nephew of George Jennings, of Raven Arms fame. The company had a thirteen year existence, fading away in 2002. The younger Jennings was a bit of an innovator, not being satisfied with merely producing "me-too" copies of the Raven. Thus, you can find Sundances with 1911 style grip safeties (Steven Jennings even got a patent on his grip safety design!) and with built-in lasers, long, long before anyone else came out with them.

The Point Blank stands out as completely unique among the pistols made by the so-called Ring of Fire manufacturers. The over & under design bears a loose similarity to the High Standard D100 derringer, one notable difference being the trigger guard on the Sundance fully protects the trigger. Another difference is the Point Blank was only available in .22LR, whereas the High Standard could be had in .22LR and .22Mag."

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Having looked at the pictures, I wouldn't describe this gun as "like new" as there are places where the finish is missing and it appears to have been fired. It does have its original box, which is nice, but there's no mention of papers. For its condition, IMO it's a bit overpriced. On the other hand, it's the first one I've seen in almost two years. It's also got the highest serial number (D003083) I've ever seen on a Point Blank.

Below are prices I've been able to track from various on-line sales.
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The 10/2013, 4/2015, and 9/2019 sale prices were for guns I'd say were 100% NIB with papers. But if you've been jonesing for one of these li'l suckers, here's your opportunity.
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