Another tragedy

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    Thats an awful thing to happen to a man, especially one with such a bright future. My prayers will be with him and his family, along with the shooter.

  2. F-word here.

    Changing mode: thank God for both LEOs and our armed forces, who pledge their safety in the preservation of ours.
  3. And the sad part is that even if he is given the death penalty, the POS that killed the officer will spend 10+ years alive waiting on appeals and such and the officers family is without a father right now.

    Our government needs to take back the streets from scum like the shooter, and the first step is to make it a mandatory quick death sentence for killing a Police Officer while the officer is on duty.

    That would send a quick message to the scum of the earth that wander our streets.
  4. In AL killing a police officer is an automatic capital offense I beleive. The voters and lawmakers for the most part like and try to take care of our LEO's here.
  5. To me a death penalty where the person gets to live another 20 years with free food and medical care is like a toothless lion.

    All roar and no bite.
  6. I pray for this faimly.

    now onto the other the best way to deal with losers like this guy would have been to shoot him and his father for bringing a sick sob like this into the world! :evil:
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    Amen! we need to reform the death penalty. The number of appeals should also have a (short) limit. I am tired of seeing things like "so and so on death row put on suicide watch." If he wants to kill himself let him. Saves us the time and the money. Prisoners should not get HBO or internet access. They are not on vacation they are being withdrawn from society. And none of this lethal injection crap: Guillotine, hanging or firing squad. cheap effective and humane. (lethal injection gas chamber and electric chair are all much worse than any of these three.)

  8. lol agreed :D
    price of average leathel injection $150,000.00
    price of 9mm jhp $0.20

    both delever the same results.....................which do you want to pay for?
  9. I don't want to pay for lethal injection or a bullet. I want to live in a world where people don't harm each other. However, I live in this world, and certainly understand how you feel. I would like to see a set of realistic court rules that does not allow frivolously dragging cases on forever. It can take 20 years to life to put someone to death when there is absolute proof they deserve capital punishment. A case with undisputable proof could be disposed of in an afternoon without denial of Constitutional rights and the death penalty should follow as close to immediately as possible. Housing rabidly dangerous criminals for decades at great expense with danger to other prisoners and guards can only be described as insane. There are many steps that could be taken to clean up our system, but until people demand them, we'll be stuck with the current situation.