Another trip to the range.

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  1. Here in Dallas there are 3 indoor ranges that I know about. One is 10 miles north of my house and the wife doesn't like it because of no ventalation. One is about 25 miles north of us and it's by far the better place to go shooting. One is about 5 miles south of us. The one south is closed on sundays and that's the day we go to the range most of the time.

    A friend and I wanted to go yeaterday (Sat. 02-02-08 ) so I though we'd try out the close range for the first time. Got a bad feeling about the place just driving in the parking lot, dark and quiet. Most of the time I pull up to a range I can hear the soft pop-pop coming from inside.

    We walk in and say we'd like to rent a couple of lanes. The owner is all over us! I have my range bag and inside is 6 guns all clean and unloaded, the mags for the auto's are full but not in the guns. I have a Taurus PT111 in a paddle holster on my right side conceled.

    Here's the list in the bag:
    Hi-point .45
    Hi-point C9
    Colt Mustange 380
    S&W .40
    S&W 38 snub
    Taurus 38 snub

    He says in not a very happy tone "You can't just walk in here with guns in a bag, they all have to be cleared. Your autos have to be locked open and the revolvers have to be empty and opened. The clips have to be empty.
    He didn't yet know about my carry gun.

    I say that's the crazies thing I ever heard. But what ever, I pulled out each gun and locked them open. I said I'm not going to unload all my mags just to walk 20 feet and reload them, if I ever come back here I'll remember to have them empty or you can just throw us out now and be alone again if you wish. When I pulled out the Hi-point .45 he said "we don't allow those on our range, we don't sell them, work on them and don't like them" I ask why? and he said "We've had to many blow up in people hands" Well now the guy just talked bad about my best shooting gun. I pulled out the C9 and said how about this one see any of these blow up? He said "Yes those too". I said I got 150 rounds for the .45 and if you let me shoot it today there will be a total of 2150 rounds thru it. If it blows my hand off my friend will take me to the hospital after I clean the blood off your floor. He said "You shoot them at your own risk"
    I pulled up my shirt and lifted out my PT111 dropped out the clip and snapped off the safety, ejected the one in the pipe and locked it open.
    I said how you feel about theses? He said "there a great gun, best of all the guns you have with you" Wow I say, this one jams once every 50 or so rounds and the .45 has never jamed on me.

    We shot about 1000 rounds in all, 150 rounds put thru the .45 and 300 thru the C9 and guess what, we both still have our hands![/img]
  2. What a damn retard that guy was. Did you let him shoot your Hi-Point?

  3. what a jacka$$. Sounds like you had a good time with him though.

    Hope you were kidding about your carry piece jamming every 50 or so.... :?
  4. Sounds like you met a true gun snob. Think I would drive a few extra miles and shoot at a more gun friendly range.
  5. Don't think I'll be back there..

    Not quite a place to have fun unless your a smartass like me.

    My Taurus has only jammed on me once with too many rounds to count thru it, I just wanted to give the guy as hard as he was giving me.
  6. Then you done well!!!!
  7. Indoor range without ventilation? That's a safety hazard (and bad for your lungs).

    PS I'd have taken my business elsewhere
  8. well, that's what i have live through ever since i bought my c9. not to the point, po disallow me to shoot in the range, but whenever i told them i brought a Hi Point, they alway have something to say. "those will blow up in your hand.", "can you even hit anything in 10 ft?", "i would not trust my life with those"...etc. what the hell? it's not a bad gun at all, sure, it's not the freaking $1,000+ 1911, but it hit where i want to within 25 feet. and about the "famous" jamming issues, so far i get my c9 trough 400rd and total 2 bullet ever jam on me. and every semi-auto pistol under the sky will f@cking jam, i've been glock forum, colt forum, s&w forum. there are alway some owner mention their shooter jam once a while and never raise the fit for it.

    PS: frickinnuts, in california check in with pistol is so common for me. i need trigger lock, cable lock, gun case lock, empty mag, no carry in...etc.