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  1. I have not seen this noted anywhere on this sight. I'll admit I'm a Noob to your sight and Hi-Point, but I read through your forums quite a bit. I've found another way to reach "Mom" after going through the "About" on their Facebook page. I found this email address: [email protected]. As I work 2nd shift, I'm asleep during office hours and contacted them about getting replacement recoil and firing pin springs for my Hi-Point CF-380. David Kiwaka, Director of Social Media for MKS Supply, their parent company, was kind enough to quickly reply and send me a new firing pin, firing pin spring, recoil spring and guide rod, as well as a magazine loader. Very polite and very responsive. Under their warranty, free as usual. I just gave him my symptoms, my serial number, and the names of the 2 springs I was looking for and received more than I asked.
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    I believe that MKS Supply is only a distributor for Hi-Point. BeMiller is the actual factory/manufacturer. (for the C9 & CF380) That was great of mks to send you the parts, but they most likely got them from BeMiller.

    Curious, what kind of magazine loader did they send you?

  3. Well, I got the email address directly from Hi-Point's Facebook's page:

    I should have made that clearer in my original post. Sorry.

    Go there and click the About section and you'll see the email address I'm talking about. It lists and [email protected] as the email address. I'm wondering if MKS Supply is the Holding Company for all the other divisions. As for the magazine loader, it is all metal, painted black. No markings on it. It rides the back of the magazine and has tabs for your fingers to press. A hook catches the magazine's follower and depresses it for loading.
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    The Hi Point Facebook page is run by MKS, not Hi Point

    I don't know exactly what connection MKS has with Hi Point, but it's more than just a distributor.

    Kinda weird actually.
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    Mayhaps one of the Deeb's kids own it?
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    Same thing here, emailed that same address about parts, had them in less than two days lol. Not sure why but they have a ton of parts available in their MKS warehouse.
  7. A bit of a follow up. So the replacement recoil and firing pin springs are both about an inch longer uncompressed than the ones they replaced. I guess they decided in later guns the springs needed more tension to prevent FTF and FTE. The mag loader does have a Hi-Point stamp. I didn't see it at first.

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    Thanks for this great post! This mag loader doesn't exist unless there is a pic! ;)
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    From the HP website:

    If you are a Hi-Point Firearms Dealer or Distributor who needs to contact MKS Supply, a firearm marketer of Hi-Point and Chiappa Firearms, please call 937-454-0363.
  10. Oh yeah? Here ya go then. Also pics of my 3rd hand 380 and magazines. You better watch what you say or I'll post this picture I took of my nice shiny chrome teapot that I'm selling on eBay!

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    I've just fired off an e-mail to mks support to see if they will send me any new springs and possibly one of those magazine loaders. I do really want to get one of those Uplula loaders, but don't have the extra money to spend on one yet.... :(
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    Just got an e-mail back from MKS.... David Kiwacka who is director of social media. He says that they do not have any springs for the older models, such as my Model C, So I will have to call the factory for those.

    But he did also say that if I send him my postal address, (and shirt size), he would send me a new magazine and a t-shirt.

    Cool Beans! :D
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    Why not put brand new C9 parts in the model C? Thats what Im doing.
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    I'm pretty sure the 'Factory' will send upgraded springs and parts from the newer C9. I have no idea why MKS wouldn't. :confused:
  15. My thought is MKS, being a distributor, doesn't have a piece of paper saying the C9 springs are certified compatible with the C. He doesn't want to be liable for big kerplosions so he referred the request to Mom. That or Mom says "We'll reimburse you if you send out warranty parts but you have to document a matching model/serial number." and a C doesn't match up. I run into that as a hardware computer tech. A part may fit, but if the vendor doesn't SAY it fits that model, you eat the cost.
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    Update on this post....

    Well, I sent my address and shirt size and as of now...... some 39 days later... still nada..... I guess he was just pulling my chain.... :confused: :(
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    Some douche yanked you bad. You were probably the biggest laugh in the break room that day. "director of social media"? So the little $#!t runs their Facebook & Twitter. Should see if they have any C-9 parts lying around. Since they're just updated model c parts.

    David Kiwacka? <Nelson> Ha Ha </Nelson> Would you have caught on if he said he was "David Kiwacka wacka wacka"?