Anti gun promo blackfires

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  1. Maybe I'm not seeing something......what anti-gun anything? There was a story about a robbery and a shootout between the cop and the robber.....the comment made by the lady was just stupid......but other than that.....

  2. Oops, wrong link.... link fixed.
  3. It may be the truth Bushman, but the unfortunate fact is that if you point out the statistics, you will most likely be labeled a bigot or a racist.

    Sensible people look at it as the facts are the facts.
    Politically correct people twist it around to say what is the "correct" thing to say.
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    You are all bigots! How dare you spread the lies, corruption, and vigilante propaganda ( NOT Known to the State of California to be the truth) :lol:
  5. The brutal truth hurts, especially the ones that like to use THEIR VERSION of what they call "truth" to support their twisted views of it.
  6. Do we have an axe to grind or something?

    Newspaper link:

    I came to say "I told you so." But your comment left me Strangerously Bewilder-ed
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    NDS, play on this label:
  8. Is this banter between Strangerous and NDS mindless teasing between forumites or is it something more sinister? Methinks I need to find out....

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    I donno, I figger'd NDS was wondering WTF I was talking about Cali for, and i showed him what i was poking fun at... end of story (on my end)
  10. That's what I was wondering...

    That banner wasn't there when I read it; I just went back to the page and that banner wasn't there this time either.

    I just assumed S-r-us thought Baltimore was in CA.
  11. This link about makes me want to get my notes out from my crime theory class.