Any amateur gun smiths around Delaware Ohio?

Discussion in 'Gunsmith shop' started by SPCsierra, Mar 6, 2016.

  1. I just bought a used Kessler (I think) bolt action shotgun. If there is anyone in my area thats wants to take a look at it and give me some tips on how to fix it up let me know. Thanks
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    I recently had an older pistol re-blued by the gunsmith at Velocity Works in Westerville, OH. He did an excellent job. I bet if you took it to him, he'd be more than willing to give you some suggestions even if you want to do the work yourself. I'd call them first to make sure that the gun smith is there when you arrive.

    They're located at 275 Old County Line Rd. Westerville, OH

    (614) 891-4545

  3. I think the Powder Room (used to be in Powell) out off 70w and 142 has a gunsmith.

    PS: Hello fellow Delawarian!
  4. The powder room closed! I was so bummed when I found out
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    It reopened in West Jefferson, sans range.

    You might try talking to one of the guys at Blackwing, see if he'd offer some advice.
    If not, I'm pretty sure my FFL will. Denny Tubbs from Gunworks has a shop just outside of Big Island on 309 west heading towards Kenton. He does some work for these guys .
    He also owns Meeker Shooting Club, along with his wife, Linda. It's the closest place to me I know of that has a range longer than 100 yards(Marion Fish and Game and the Delaware range on 229 both have 100 yard ranges)
  6. I was wondering what happened to them. I tried to go there a few weeks ago. I was bummed they closed because im not a big fan of black wing. Thanks for the suggestions too ill check them out

  7. Up near Ontario is a place called Bakes Best Shot. Old indoor "pistol caliber" range and a LONG field on the North side of the property. The owner said it is a usable 400 yards. 412 yards from ditch alongside the road to the near 30' hill used for a backstop. I have taken my Mosin there a couple of times, but only got up to about 75 yards.

    You can find them on Google maps.
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    Meeker Club is like 11 miles from my house. Ontario is 30.