Any body got go no-go gauges for 7.62x39 for sale or rent?

Discussion in 'Gunsmith shop' started by tomtull, Mar 7, 2016.

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    Hi Highpoint peeps,I'm getting ready to put together a Polish akm,and am looking to get headspace gauges and any additional info anyone has to offer...thanks...;¬]
  2. If you know what size the go and no go is I can turn down a piece of stock on the lathe.

  3. tomtull

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    Thanks I'll keep that in mind,I don't know much about them except for how to use them...but ya never know ;¬]
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    I take it this is the first AK you have built. :)
    You don't need go no-go gauges to set an AK's headspace, all you need is the bolt and a round (with firing pin removed). Place the round on the face of the bolt under the extractor and slide it into the chamber. Rotate the lug to the locking position and feel for any movement back wards or forwards. It should be snug with no movement. ;)

    There are other methods as well, but I find this is the easiest and fastest.
    I think there are youtube videos on how to do this.. there must be since there are youtube videos on just about everything.