Any chance we could split reloading off from pb/as/etc?

Discussion in 'Vintage Topic Archive (Sept - 2009)' started by bobotech, Jan 22, 2008.

  1. No offense but I really don't think that reloading belongs with paintball/airsoft/pellet guns.

    Its not even the same type of hobby/aspect.

    PB/AS/PGs are all fine hobbies into themselves, but they have nothing to do with gunpower and reloading.

    JUst a suggestion.
  2. bobotech,

    The Paintball/Air Soft part of the forum gets very limited traffic and usage, so placing the Reloading section here gives the Admin folks a way to monitor traffic based on previous months when the section was PB/AS only. If the Reloading section generates enough usage it will get a dedicated forum for the sole purpose of reloading. This is one reason it was not placed in one of the gun/caliber related forums, no way to judge usage due to other topics that see a lot of traffic.


  3. Got ya. Any chance they could move it up a bit to be under the caliber section? It may sound funny but I'm so used to hitting my hipoint book mark and hitting page down once to see the popular forums but to see this one, I would have to hit page down twice and then all the other popular forums would be way up.

    LOL. Sounds stupid but its how I roll. :)
  4. LOL!

    If the Reloading forum works out well the Admin folks might be persuaded to get it closer to the shooting related sections. But for now plan on hitting page down twice while we get thru the trial period. :)