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    A lot of folks I talked to are against H-Points. I try to be a good ambassador for the cause. I have been able to "Convert" a few non-believers. I've found that if you can get them in their hands at the range, they usually accept them as being good guns for the $$$.

    Anyone else ?
  2. Got one of the LGS owners who I overheard dissing the carbines to convert. Told him "try it, you'll like it, really" and to his credit, he did. And yessir, he liked it so much that the 995, 4095, and 4595 are now in stock. :D

    (unfortunately, I can't do anything about Hi-Point pistols, they're on this state's no-no list :mad:)

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    At least three over the past two weeks. Christmas - and several of my non-shooting colleagues started asking me about getting a pistol for some type of Christmas present. Every one had a budget of $200 or a little less. I explained the "straw sale" law and that, on their budget, HP was the best bang for the buck. Three someones are getting either a C9 or a 380 Friday. Weird, but I get the feeling its a kick-back at all the big muslim's anti rhetoric.
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    Former H-P skeptic here. I heard good things about the company and took a flyer on a discounted .380, which proved to be reliable and accurate. The JHP .45 is one of my low-budget favorites.
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    What's the biggest criticism of HP pistols that's simply not true?

    Too bulky/heavy or not completely dependable or what?
  6. I am a wheel gun guy and always have been. Last year I was wanting a handgun/rifle combo so I took the leap and bought a JHP. I was really impressed with the reliability as well as the cost. That being said I've heard people talk about how heavy HP pistols are, if you compare them to a magnum wheel gun the weight is the same or a little less. The JHP weighs around 40 oz loaded that is the same weight as my Taurus Tracker 44 mag. So the complaints about weight IMO are null and void. Besides a 40 oz 45 is easier to shoot than a 40 oz 44 mag.
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    You GO, Big Bad BullDog! :D

    I'm adding a bit of weight to my G20 (10mm) for the full-house
    REAL 10mm Loads :D The weight is better for the recoil damping,
    but it did shoot pretty well with the full power Buff Bore 220gr ;)
    6-8" group at 10 yards, but it can be better! I need a range day :eek:

    DUH (had to edit, forgot this!) :eek:

    I suggested to my #1 LGS that they carry HPs, they were
    a bit leary at first, but got in a few used pistols. I said
    "I can get a new one for that" (@LGS #2) and that the
    carbines should be a big seller. They now stock the carbines,
    I need another 995 anyway, I'm thinkin' lay-a-way once I
    get back 2 werkZ (or before, if the mood strikes me! :D)

    I really like them, they LISTEN and Respond positively
    to their customer's needs and suggestions! Of course,
    it helps when you have bought as much merchandise
    as I have :D He's given me free ammo for promos
    I have done on the 'web for him. ;)

    #2 LGS is just as responsive, BTW. :eek:

    ALL my LGS are great folks, all the way from a literal
    "Mom and Pop" store to LGS#1, and I have a few
    nice folks @ Gouger Mountain that I work with on occasion!
    I need to go into GM and badger them down on a JHP :D
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    I don't own an HP handgun so no converts there. BUT my 4095 carbine that I haven't even owned for a year? I have easily convinced 5+ people that the .40SW is a pretty darn cool carbine for the low price tag! One guy was a stranger at the range.

    Of course I don't tell then about my out pf battery explosion. I suppose that's a lie by omission. The press and Obama do it daily!
  9. undeRGRound

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    0311 up in here, in a minute :rofl:

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    I need to shut up on the range, and on the Glock site. It will drive the price up, and lessen the supply. I need to take a 4095 to the range next week. ;)
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    Sorry guys, been on leave......

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    NE Utah
    The biggest lie is they are built cheap, and will blow up.

    Well, that's a half lie.

    They ARE built cheap, thank goodness, but they won't blow up any more than any other gun.

    There is another sort of lie, that they aren't dependable...well, that can be true, but it's the mags, and a bit of work fixes that. Meanwhile, I have a Tanfoglio that I haven't been able to fix yet.:rolleyes:
  13. Dohrmc

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    I guess I could be a convert-sort of, anyway. I have been thinking about getting a carbine for some time. I looked at a lot of guns, but was put off by the prices.

    I had never heard of, or considered, a HiPoint. I started reading comments on YouTube videos, and was amazed at the vitriol heaped on the HP guns.

    Most of these commenters did not seem too bright, so I did a bunch of research. I am planning on getting one on Monday. Accurate, sturdy, and the price is right, not to mention a first class warranty. What's not to like?

    I am waffling back and forth on the .40 vs 9mm question. Leaning toward da .40.

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    Dohrmc I like my .40's. Pure fun to me is the 9's. Least favorite to me is the .45. I have them all.
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    Made a convert out of one of my older brothers. He owns some guns, likes to shoot on occasion, but does not know all that much about guns. We went shooting together, about a year ago, and he kinda laughed at my C9...until he gave it a try. He shot better with it than both of his Springfields.

    He now owns a :rolleyes:
  16. People who don't like Hi Points have probably never owned one. I am on my 4th Hi Point. I love them. Ugly....maybe, heavy...sure, reliable and bet !! I like watching Hickok45 videos on youtube. Very nice guy and very knowledgeable on handguns. But when I saw his review on a Hi Point 9mm, I was alittle pissed. He says a few nice things about the gun but most of the time he laughs at it. He just cant admit that it's as good as any other gun.
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    I've found that once they shot one, they fall in love with them. My son was with a Special Forces group, and if it was an AR or AK platform, he usually wasn't impressed with them. While on leave, we went to the range and I let him shoot my little carbine.

    Of course when he got back to Ft. Bragg, he had to buy one. He got some ribbing till his buddies tried it. Now a whole lot of SF types own them (one described it as a .22 meant for adults - in short, just plain fun to shoot and if you have too, you can use it for more).
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    I actually think they're a little less likely to blow up than most guns. After all, how many other guns can handle double loads without serious failures?

    I won't say they're perfect or that they have the same features or quality of higher end guns but from a safety standpoint they're solid. Just don't cycle live rounds carelessly and you're good.
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    I just traded in a pistol for a new 4095 carbine in .40. I think it will do just fine, and am looking forward to shooting it, and checking the sights out.
    I will post the obligatory picture if I can.

    Interesting story of the buy. I bought the gun from Moss Pawn and Gun. They are just south of the Atlanta airport where I put in my career. Fine shop, and easy to work with.

    Iraqiveteran888 works there, and made a video about HiPoint pistols in which they horribly treated the gun. I am sure you have seen it.

    I dealt today with the other guy in the video. When I remarked on his being in the video, he said they went into the video with the idea of making fun of the gun, but to their surprise, the gun made fun of them. Big change in his attitude towards HiPoint guns. They were amazed at the abuse it took and still kept working.

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