Any experience here with the newer Charter Arms?

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  1. The wife is really digging snubbies. She's a great shot but I think a revolver might be up her alley more than even a C9. That thought got me considering Charter's products as they are part of MKS just like HiPoint.

    Anybody use their newer products? I've heard good and bad but it's always about their older stuff from the 60's to the 90's and it's hard to find any info about the stuff out now.

  2. Don’t have any experience with the new production. I have an older Bulldog and can share some of the post purchase issues you might want to consider.
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    I know that someone on here has a new one... I can remember who it is
  4. I bought a Charter Arms Bulldog .44Special about 5-6 months ago and was very pleased with the gun. Fit and finish is not as refined as a S&W but overall it is a very serviceable weapon and far from being shoody as some of the earlier Charter Arms products were.

    I dont have any expierence with the Charter Arm's snubby .32Mag, .38 or .357's though, so cant say anything about them other than they look and feel like good revolvers. I will be buying another Bulldog .44 later this year and highly recommend them to people who want a big bore snubby for concealed carry or a hiking/woods walking gun.
  5. Good to hear.

    I emailed them and they have a lifetime warranty but it is only for the original purchaser.

    Seems like they had good products when they first came out in the 60's and 70's but then had a dark age of sorts and only have recently came back as quality. I hear and read lots of good reviews from the gun media but have a hard time finding actual owners.
  6. How old and what were the issues?

    Based on the Stratford address, exposed ejector rod, and what little I can gather from the serial number it was probably manufactured in the late 70’s. It certainly pre-dates the Charco and Charter 2000 eras.

    Just like Rimfirehunter my experience with Charter is with the 44 Spl guns. I doubt your intent is to go that way for your wife, if it is see my post at

    Issues you may want to research be fore you buy; gunsmithing, grips and holsters.

    While I understand that Charter warrantees new production and is willing to repair older models, if you think you might want some tuning, chamfering, smoothing, etc. there are not a lot of gunsmiths familiar with action and due to the reputation for spotty quality even fewer that are willing to take on the work.

    One of the best features of revolvers is the ability to tailor the grips to the person and intended use. There are boat loads of after market grips out there for S&W J frames. So far I’ve only found one after market grip available for my Bulldog.

    Holsters are also a sore spot, again boat loads of holsters for J frames, Taurus, even Ruger. Holsters for the Bulldog are pretty much a special order deal.

    Not all of these issues may apply to the smaller caliber Charters, I’m just recommending you look before you leap.

    By the way, when I was looking for 38 Spl snubby I picked up a used S&W J frame. My wife claimed it and that’s how I ended up with the 44 Spl Bulldog.
  7. Yeah, gotta look around too. See what's sitting in the used gun case.

    Thanks guys.
  8. If buying a used gun I would try and go with a S&W. Older Charter's had some issues (depending on time frame of manufacture) and older Rossi and Taurus's did too. It definately pays to know what era a particular gun was produced in so you know which to avoid and which are well worth buying.

    I recently picked up a used Taurus 441 4" .44 Special and due to the reputation of older Taurus revolvers I got a darn good deal on a gun that is considered by those in the know to be one of the better revolvers produced by Taurus during that era. If you can find a Taurus 431 (this is the 2" .44 Special) and it is less than $300 jump on it because those were execellent .44Sp snubbies. I paid $250 OTD for my 4" blue 441 in Aug/Sept of 07.

    When it comes to used Taurus and Rossi .38's I would definately avoid the older ones but would have no problems buying a newer one on the used markets. The older small frame .38 snubbies from these two companies were not +p rated and chances are some bubba put some hot +p loads thru them over the years. Newer models from these two companies are +p rated so buying used would be no problem provided they guns were mechanically sound. I happen to like Rossi small frame .38 snubbies and still regret selling the two I had back in the 90's, best woods walking snake charmers I ever had.

  9. See if you can find a Taurus 85 with the concealed hammer. I used to have one, and it was a good little gun.
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    Mrs. Uncle Jerky owned an older model Charter Arms Undercover snub nose in 38 special. It was a good revolver,always working fine and was made from blued steel and wood grips; very concealable and easy to handle and fire. She liked it!