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any FFLs out here?

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I am planning on getting a FFL so I can sell firearms... I've started filling out the application... I was wanting to see if I can get any pointers from any past or current FFLs in starting a firearms business... I've had my own business for 4 years in the past in a different industry (homebuiliding vendor)... and Bachelor's Degree in Business Admin... but I'm looking for advice they don't teach in school... hands on experience... thanks, John
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Hi John..from another John..I don't have a FFL yet but waiting on my FFL03 license...so take this with a grain of salt..
If you get your FFL01 license I think you'll need a place of business, depending on your zoning you "could" run it from home but I would not want to do that. You would need to be a "rivot counter" when it comes to the paperwork/bookwork..cross every T and dot every I no matter what. I plan on going ahead and getting the FFL01 once I get my house paid for and use it for collateral on a small building on the side lot I'll have. I'm sure there is a few here that could give ya way better info but this is just my two cents..and two cents don't go far. Best of luck in the venture in any case.
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