Any gamers here?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by bluharley, Dec 19, 2014.

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    Xbox will, but you have to pay to use their game servers...... PS3 is free, but they get hacked/exploited easier.. I also find the PS3 game controllers better ergonomicall.....

  3. Nope, not me. I outgrew those things when packman stopped being the fad. As long as my heart can take it, I prefer long walks to gaming.
  4. bluharley

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    Would I need to use their servers? I don't want to play with other people, I like playing with myself:p
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    Ain't gunna touch that.
  6. Nothing wrong with that, just don't do it in public.:eek:
  7. Bull

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    You don't have to for solo play....., eww?!?!.......... Get to a Walmart and go to their gaming aisle, they've usually got game consoles set up.... See what kinda controllers you like.... And you can get PS3 controllers for Xbox, and vice versa...... And id highly recommend the Fallout series of games...... Lots of bang for your buck!......
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    Would I be getting killed in the first 60 seconds? When I try playing multi-player games online, I get slaughtered in the first few seconds. The guys doing the killing are probably having a grand old time!
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    I've been gaming for quite a while, was part of a battlefield2 squad who regularly won our tournaments, but mostly I've been playing online rpg's for the past decade. I use a pc to do all of my gaming, a/v entertainment and getting stuck in 5 hour long youtube loops.

    I've always prefered pc to consoles, they are upgradable and flexible and most popular games are made for pc. For shooters keyboard and mouse is just infinitely more accurate as well.
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    If I was going to PC gaming, I would need a new computer, this thing isn't fast enough to process all the flash player ads on these web pages. The only reason I'm thinking about gaming at all is to utilize my 50" tv I just got. But, I already see I need a 70" tv! I might stop by a couple pawn shops and see what they have, but probably walk out with a 9mm instead.
  11. Bull

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    Fallout is not based in online play..... Post apocalyptic rpg....... Do a little online searching, very fun, weeks of fun.
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    Well yea. In between eating Cheetos, picking their nose and asking Mom for some more Mountain Dew they're having quite the laugh at your expense.
  13. Rachgier

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    Yeah, but the 360 (XBOX) sucks. Go with a playstation. Some games actually require you to have an online account to even play the solo campaign. You're screwed on the XBOX. I've been rolling with SONY since the Play Station came out. Even if you SAY you won't ever go online multiplayer with a games, at least with the PS, you won't have to pay for it if you feel froggy and try to go up against those little COD bastards that have nothing better to do with their time.

    As far as being a "gamer?" I've got 2 PS2's, 3 PS's, 2 PS4's, and 6 PSP's. All fully functional. lol I prefer the RPG games. The Fallout series, Mass Effect series (which I'm playing again right now after 3 years), all the Bioshock games, Diablo, I'm a HUGE Assassin's Creed fan too.

    EDIT: PS has a PS Plus membership that gives you free games every month. Some of them are indie games, but quite a few are big name games. The Hitman Trilogy is free right now. I've had PS Plus for 2 years now, and have downloaded over 40 free games. Hell I was just talking to the wife about selling one of my PS3's. It's got an aftermarket 500Gb HDD I installed with dozens of digitally downloaded games on it.
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    What ya want fer it?
  15. Rachgier

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    It's the 4th Gen PS3 Slim with an aftermarket 500Gb HDD, 44 games downloaded to the HDD, 2 - six-axis dual shock controllers (one is camo), and 2 - 6' charging cords.

    It's worth $300+ all day long. I'll just never be able to sell it for that. LOL

    EDIT: I've even got a couple of dozen disc-based games for it collecting dust in the rack.
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  16. bluharley

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    I know nothing about it, but it sounds like it's worth it!
  17. Rachgier

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    You caught me pre typo edit there.

    Basically, it's the last updated version Sony made before fully committing to the PS4. 2nd Gen controllers, etc.

    If you wanted to spend $300 on a system, you might as well drop the extra $50 and get the PS4. Granted, you won't get that any games with it. LOL
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    I don't have that kind of money anyway, sounds like fun though.
  19. wganz

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    I'd be scared of a Sony product

    after this last hack. Who knows if they got the backdoor password to all the PS boxes.
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    i think thats part of being a gamer.