Any Garand shooters here?

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    I'd like to put forth a counter thread to the Mosin-Nagant enthusiasm running rampant here.

    Are there any Garand shooters around here? I've had mine for quite some time and enjoy shooting it very much. Chambered for .30-06, it will work with any bullet weight you can stuff into it. It really seems to like the 140gr to 180gr stuff the best. I'm probably just as enthusiastic about the "greatest battle implement ever devised by man" as most Mosin owners are about their rifles.

    So, let's hear from the M1 shooters around here. :D :D :D
  2. 47_MasoN_47

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    If they weren't $1100, I'd love to have one, but there's just no way I can afford that.

  3. HPHooked

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    The old DCM has them from $495 up. Join the NRA and have your local gun shop order you one. (blatant plug)

    Also, look around the gun shows. They are still available and quite reasonable. :wink: :wink:

    *edit* CMP link

    They were starting @ $495 last week when I checked. Oh, bother.
  4. That is one rifle I have always wanted and never have even seen one in person.

    Closest I have ever got was a norinco M14 in .308 and I loved that rifle.

    would love to see a thread going on it so I could learn more about the rifle.

  5. waltham:
    Check out this guy's sites; he has at least 2. He's just known as 'Clancy' in the Garand world and he's into the detail minutiae of Garand history.

    Be sure to follow the links to scans of original official correspondence about the history of the rifle's development and adoption. He is really into Garand hstory.

    ETA add: maybe rather than just a thread about Garands under 'other brands...' we could add C&R to one of the sections. There is a lot of C&R interest on this forum after all...

  6. OK where on the site does it say NRA is listed as a affiliated club? I can't find it.
  7. Ari

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    I had one built by the garandguy at I had been wanting one for about 20years. Tony built me a very very nice one that shoots very very tight.

  8. My coworker has an "inventory" of garands and m14s.

    An inventory.

    He is an older gentleman who works with us only because he gets bored, he hasn't needed money in a long time.

    He has been collecting American military weapons since the 60's.

    Lucky guy.
  9. Strangerous

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  10. Cool, thanks for linking that, but I do wonder who had enough spare time to put that together. When I was a kid several guys we knew had Garands and fed me the story that the 'ping' could get you killed by the enemy who knew you had to reload. Then I began reading books written by WWII veterans and learned that the 'ping' meant any enemy who thought so was about to die because the Americans learned early on to stagger their fire and prepare for an enemy to stick his head up at the 'ping' -- one dead enemy soldier!
  11. Strangerous

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    I thought you folks would like that... the ping is just like the shape of a 1911... if you see/hear it once... you will remember it forever.
  12. I WISH I was a garand shooter. :)
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    Oh crap: Just when I was saving for a newer car..... damn this thread!!!!!
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    Hey El,

    A person has to have his priorities.

    I've had my M1 since I was 18 years old. Paid $700 for it at a gun show in 1980 when the going rate then was $1000+. This is not a re-import, all the numbers match, and it shoots like a dream. Only thing I did to it was have it re-parkerized as the original finish was too splotchy for me. I wasn't buying it as a collector so the reworking of the finish was not an issue. Since then, when not being shot, it and a bandoleer of ammo(in Garand CLIPS) have resided in my gun safe for those SHTF situations. Nothing like an .30-06 round through a car door to change someones attitude about harassing your home. :lol: :lol:
  15. HPHooked

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    Your right Carpe. I looked through this and couldn't find it either. Also checked the NRA site and found nothing. However, they do have listings for all of the states for the clubs you can join to get one of these.
  16. Thayldt21

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    He said enventory and I imediatly got jeulous
  17. HPHooked

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    I know know what you mean, Thayl. I hear inventory of Garands and M14's and I start thinking, How can I get to know this guy better? While the Garand is not everyone's type of weapon, it sure has earned its stripes with the Greatest Generation. I wouldn't sell or trade mine for anything in the world. I'll give it to my kid when I'm gone. Hopefully, he'll give it to his later on also.
  18. condition1

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    No doubt. I'm lucky to have bought my m1a before gas got so high, otherwise I would have talked myself out of it, and though it has no real history in a war or anything, it makes me very proud knowing it will be handed down someday. i look at the cmp website at least once a month and wish.
  19. Thanks for the link NDS, and I have to agree that a C&R section would probably be a often visited thread, there are a lot of people here that collect milsurps too.