any idea on value?

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  1. Ive got an intratec tec22 that I got years ago in a trade. In 16 years Ive put about 200 rounds through it, mostly because it was absolutely unusable until I bought the ruger hicap mag with the metal feed lips. As soon as I bought that, the weapon, surprisingly, operated flawlessly. I'm cleaning house and have no use for it. looking on gun broker Im seeing prices of $450-600. Am I seeing it right? Is the price really up there?
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    I looked it up for you, I'm really gonna try not to start looking up a ton of stuff after i do this though...

    Anyway here is what it says:

    Intratec USA

    TEC-22 "Scorpion"

    NIB: $325 / EXC: $225 / VG: $175 / Good: $100

    Now I always put a disclaimer that things are worth what people will pay for it.

    Also we all know, some people just over value their firearms... Armslist is proof...

    After doing a quick search on completed auctions on GB, seems like the book is pretty close.

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    Too Bad it's not really "worth" that much, but it looks like a decent little gun!
    Hope you Stick Around! :D
  4. should be worth enough to get some cash off a jhp. the guy at the gun shop was talking trades before I even started talking about getting the jhp.
  5. I've had a c9 for a few years now. Ive been a proponent of the HP since I first pulled the trigger. Reliable as a hammer, hits where I point it every time.
  6. yeah, motorcycles are the same way. people think their sh!t is gold.

    I see you're from berks county. I grew up in bucks, and lived in Huff's Church before I decided to move south.
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    Too bad I'm not in Fla. We could talk :)
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    Yeah, I hear that!!

    Was in Philly, in the middle of the move to Berks.

    My parents made the move to Florida and I picked up a vacation home there a few years back. Port Charlotte area.
  9. traded it in this afternoon. got what I wanted for it.

    I now own a brand new jhp.
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    Congrats, time to stock up on ammo, it will go fast.