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Any input on ammo thru Samco Global?

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Another good deal - not if it won't fire:

Caliber 9mm Ball (9x19) MK 2Z, SMC,
FMJ ammunition. Mfg. P.O.F. in 80's
Brass cases, Non-Corrosive, Berdan.
124 grs. Packed 50 rds per box, 1250 per
sealed can, 2500 rds per wooden
case. Wt. 81 lbs per case.

19.9 Cents per Round



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500 Rds.
$99.50 Quantity:

1250 Rds. Can
$248.75 Quantity:

2500 Rds. Case
$472.50 Quantity:
3 or more $447.50 per case.

Here's the link:

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I'm wondering if this is STEEL-CORE :devilsidesmile:
Also Berdan primer. Not reloadable brass. Don't believe them on the non-corrosive either. Description sounds like possible Eastern Milsurp.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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