Any Jacksonville, Fl Area HPFF members?

Discussion in 'Vintage Topic Archive (Sept - 2009)' started by mill419, May 20, 2008.

  1. mill419

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    Hey guys,

    I'm new to the forum and to shooting.
    Looking for some locals to hang out with and maybe learn a thing or two.

    Of course, I'm always willing to chat the ear off of anyone willing to listen, too! LOL
  2. mill419

    mill419 Member

    WOW! The response has been underwhelming!

    LOL! :lol:

  3. Sorry mill, it seems that there are not too many members in your part of the woods. If you want to start a more specific thread with a question or comment, I am sure you will get more responses.

    Welcome to the forum by the way :)
  4. Strangerous

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    I was born is Jacksonville Fla... Duval county to be exact... at the Naval Hospital... and no, that's not where you have work done to your bellybutton!
  5. mill419

    mill419 Member

    Thanks Waltham41 and Strangerous.

    I have started a few threads and am just enjoying getting to know everyone.
    I'm originally from Rhode Island, but I've been here for more than half my life. (You never get used to the heat...I don't care what the locals say!)

    Strangerous, I know the Naval Hospital isn't where you have work done on your belly button. I do like their Jelly, though. LOL
  6. I did some construction work years ago just north of Miami, town called Boca Raton. It was hot, humid, and rained every single day I was there.

    Is all of Florida like that?
  7. mill419

    mill419 Member

    Actually, no.

    I live in EXTREME North East Florida. (May as well call it Georgia!)

    In central and South Florida, you can predict the rain @ 3pm every day.

    It's still hot and humid up here, but the rains are pretty infrequent and so are the Hurricanes! Thank goodness.

    I much prefer a change of season, though. Tennessee is nice. Hmmmm...
  8. Flc9owner

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    I live in Central Florida