Any Like Minded Folks Out There?

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    Ive been training for quite some time now with a local organization I started based off of the KISSATA concept, were called The Northmen. The reason for the post is not for recruting, we have plenty of members, but if you interested in starting your own Civilian Irregular Defence Group you may look into KISSATA at . The reason for THIS post is to aquaint myself with others of a like mind set, and preferably those in my AO. I would like to talk training, and to find out if you know anything I dont. Like I always say, when you stop learning, you might as well stop breathing, or someone else will do the honors. All in all, Im just an information junkie lookin for goodies I can take back to the group or just learn from in general.

    That being said, I would like to mention that The Northmen is not political in any way shape or form, nor are we racialy motivated, we DO NOT advocate the overthrow of the government, so those of that mindset please do not respond.

    -Bull [><]
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    Well, I thought I might find some like minded people on here, but unfortunately it appiers I am wrong. Hope all goes yalls way. Later.

  3. Ah, I think you spoke to soon on your second post bull. In your original post, you worded it more as a statement, for of an informational post to let us know that these types of organizations were out there. It really wasnt worded as if you wanted to discuss it.

    So, now that we know you would like some discourse on this organization, tell us more about it and your involvement in it.
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    Oh, well I appologize. I am a member of an organization known as KISSATA or keep it simple and DONT BE stupid ant terrorist alliance. KISSATA is non-political as I said, and is racially and gender inclusive, because every American citizen has the Right to be a patriot. For those reasons, we dont bash anyone, and theres no racial slurs on thier site or forum, wich I very much appreciate because close mindedness breeds hate, and hate is a byproduct of fear, and fear is a byproduct of being close minded, its a vicouse cycle and Im glad that neither I or anyone Im involved with perpetuates it. That being said....

    We train, and we train often, before I joined KISSATA I was a member of an organization known as the .308 called as such because of the rifle calliber we had standardized, and it was more of the same principals, no hate mongering, no politics, just the simple realization that Homeland Defense should start at home. But for that to be true, as I said before, you have to train, often, and really put yourself into it. So having been of that mindset for the last 12 years, I love to train, I love survivalist behavior, and not because I think the "man" is out to get me, but because there are people in this world who hate me and all that I stand for when I salute the good ol stars and bars, and I intend to defend myself, my friends and family, and my community from those who would do us harm.

    So, long story even longer, I just wanted to let everyone know what Im about, see if there was anyone of the same mindset on here, and maybe strike up a conversation, because in all my years, the one thing Ive come to know, is that I will never know everything, and it never hurt to hear someone elses point of view or take on tactics and traininig. Im a big fan of learning, and if theres anything I can take away from some time spent in my den looking at this little box-o-info, I would like it to be somthing I can put to good use in my training and dailey life.

    If you would like to know more about KISSATA you can go to and if your interested in starting your own group, by all means contact me on here because I do have some good advise to share, and you can also link up with my rifle squads page at . So by all means let the conversation begin, because Id like to know, who else is out there, who wants to keep this country safe from enemys both foreign and domestic.
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    and so it would appier Ive not spoken out of turn, but hey, not everyone can share the same point of views, this is America after all.

    Bravo-Six-One out.
  6. I don't know about that bull, I didn't even see your message until just a few minutes ago. Your group actually sounds pretty interesting, if anything because you are so open with your recruitment and are so non-political.

    Sorry for not having more to add than that at the moment, as it is late, but I hope you decide to stick around at least :)
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    yeah, Ill be around, I just didnt want to press an issue if there was no interest in it.
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    Hey bull1861,

    The interest is probably here. However, this forum has people all over the US; not just in one region. Being in Montana, I hear what you're saying as to defending hearth and home.
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    Well I was looking for people near my AO to possably share info with and do a little training, but Im good to "shoot the breez" with any like minded folks. KISSATA is also a nation wide organization, Western Washington is just where my rifle squad is based out of. So guess that is to say Im open to discussion with anyone who might share my views, I guess I should have titled this thread differently. Live and learn I spose.
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    Just giving this one a bump to see if there is any interest, if not, well o well then.
  11. I would actually be interested bull, but not sure if there are any groups in my area, or how to really go about starting one. Then again I haven't looked TOO hard, but things have been pretty crazy as of late to say the least :p
  12. Put up your $9 book as a FREE PDF download and I'll belive your in it for fun like you say, instead of a grab some cash scheme.
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    I made MySpace friends with "Northmen" on HPFF, His page is all about the rifle squad, KISSATA.
    Now, I don't know about you, but the blacked out faces just screams "Not 100% right" as I've worked with law enforcement since I was able to "Ride along"... covering your face in a photo could mean a few things. Those few things are not good.

    I'm not calling you a liar, but I am asking for a logical reason why faces are blacked out. Why and I asking? Bad guys hide their identity, not the good guys. (comic books don't count, so don't give me that line)

    I'm waiting.

    I still like both of you folks, yourself and "Northmen" here on HPFF.

    Sierra-Tango-double-deuce /out
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    I am like minded, but almost everyone around here would probably freak out. So, I have a few buds who share my mentality, and we stick to ourselves mostly and really don't mention it to anyone. I don't understand the black faces and all either. but whatever floats your boat.
    Back to my part of the country...No one around here seems to understand we have a vital AFB in central AR, the largest chemical weapon stockpile about 40 miles away, just to mention a couple of things (there are plenty more) that could be targeted. I personally am prepared, but I doubt seriously that I could get that many people 'concerned'. SO, if tshtf, it will be their problem, as well as mine, I guess, but the difference will be that I am ready, willing and equipped to meet the challenge.
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    I admit there is something worth looking into. As far as faces blacked out there are non blocked photos of the same folks, I think they were having fun with the Skully theme. Wonder if there are any folks in my neck of the woods? How do you find out?
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    As far as the Blacked out faces goes, I dont edit the pics, they are sent back to me that way. I personaly dont have a problem with my face being out there, and there are some pics on the sight that show it. But there are other people, including members of my squad that dont want the public at large to know that they are into this kind of thing. Be it for personal reasons, or otherwise, its not P.C to belong to this type of organization to say the least, and those who are open about it such as myself get some flack for it from time to time. Strangerous, to ease your mind, Im actually good friends with local law enforcement, they are aware of us, sometimes they stop in for a visit during training, and the property we train on was aloted us by the local city officials. So were on the up and up, but I can understand the aprehension.

    Its not my manual to post, so I cant do that, not to say I wouldnt, but you can get a basic rundown of what the manual entails on the web site, and to be honest I have only read through one that was loaned to me, I dont have one of my own as I already understand the KISSATA principals and ideals.

    the easiest way to know if thiers a group near you is to go to the KISSATA forum Gun Culture, feel free to stop in, lurk around or join in the conversation there, theres a link to the forum on the KISSATA homepage.
  17. I'm very like minded thats why I"m a member of the Michigan Militia, but I'd be interested in some info if you wouldn't mind PMing some to me.
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    Thanks dude, because when I saw it, I was like "WFT?!"... :lol:
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    yeah I know, its misleading, and honestly I thought the same thing when I first looked it over, but just a few questions and a jab here or there gets all the info ya needs to stay in the comfort zone. No criminals here, infact there isnt a criminal record one that comes along with any members of my rifle squad.

    Adam, Im glad to hear your already a Brother At Arms, Im sure you could bring alot of good info to the table yourself. Thats why I like to keep an open line of communication, gets things done. Id PM ya with whatever info ya want, but Im unsure as to what your looking for, go ahead and PM me with any question or specs on what youd like to know, and the sight I gave is also a good referance point as to what were all about. Also I think there is a KISSATA unit or two in Michigan, but I cant be sure, the Gun Culture forums thread" CONTACT" would have any members in your AO listed.