Any military Collectors? a few military items for sale

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    I have a some military stuff for sale from World War 2 till now i have a lot so if there is anything spesific you want let me know ... i also have a rare nazi poker chip for sale if anyone wants that . Also i might be willing to trade for 995 or C9 mags
  2. Not looking for anything specific right now, but always looking, what are you looking to sell?

  3. I am interested in all the WWII stuff you have, depending on what it is. Can you post pics of some stuff so we have an idea of what you have? Thanks Duke.
  4. Yah, post some pics and stuff and you'll get a lot more offers :).
  5. I love odds and ends from any war period. I have a saddam pendent that I picked up that many women wore back in his climax, lots of sadam dinar, and other odds and ends. I might be interested in the lower dollar items that are unique. I've seen the poker chips, would like to get one. I use this site as a reference on the nazi stuff, check it out, lots of cool stuff and high dollar stuff like ss belt buckles and stuff.
  6. When we getting pics!? Interested in seeing some of this stuff.
  7. The_Duke335

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    Pics coming soon (i have to go through 2 huge boxes of stuff and take some pics) oh and Taurus i will sell you the poker chip i have for what they are selling for on that web site
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    I might be interested in some stuff too. I can plz has pics?