Any muscle car owners?

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  1. Browning 9 Guy

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    Mine was a '74 Dodge Dart with a 3-speed Torqueflite automatic and a 318 and 4 bbl carb. Compact and lightweight, I once clocked zero to 60 in 8.5 seconds. Zero to 80 in 15. Even with emissions controls, it could leave my best friend's Mach 1 behind in a cloud of dust. And I once tied a cherried out 58 Chevy on a quarter mile -- Those were great times.

    Any muscle car stories??
  2. MachoMelvin

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    I like FAST cars too!


  3. Hermitt

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    Around '76 or '77, I had a '69 Nova SS that had a '65 corvette 365hp 327 that was built to 416hp with a muncie m-21 4speed and I can't remember if it had a 273 or a 308:1 posi rear end. That thing could yank the front tires off the ground when grabbing 2nd gear.... :D

    Nowadays, I have my '04 SVT Lightning... 380hp, 450ft lbs, zero to 60 in 5.2 seconds and the 1/4 mile in 13.6, yet can still carry 1300 lbs of payload and has a 5,000lb towing capacity. Not too shabby for a truck that weighs 4800 lbs curb weight + my 200# @ss.... :p


    Doing some work.....
  4. bscar

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    65 Malibu original 283 2bbl powerglide tranny

    sold her for a down payment on a house
  5. Dagwood

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    66 mustang, 302 auto. 0 to 60 in I don't know, but its still alot of fun. Not finished yet. Had her for almost 10 years now. Cant find a pic right now. I'll post one later.
  6. GoesBang

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    This my daily driver. 2002 Pontiac TransAm Convertible. LS1 and 4-speed automatic. All stock (for now).

    I plan on a SuperChip and K&N cold air intake with Flowmaster exhaust. Should give me about another 100 hp . . .

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  7. greg_r

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    Mine was a 1968 Oldsmobile W31. I had my eye on a Firebird Formula 400. My dad would not let me buy it, said I would kill myself. For some reason he did not balk at the Oldsmobile, even though it was a faster car. That was nearly 40 years ago. Lots of memories.

    My dad's was a 1940 Mercury.
  8. Dagwood

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    A work in progress! Too many other projects, and too many guns to buy! haha
    I'll get her finished on of these days.

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  9. colthrash

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    1973 Dodge Charger, 440 Magnum with a slap stix tranny. I had a 5.0 come up next to me on the freeway once. I lit the tires up at 65mph and he didn't want to play anymore... I am currently working on a 1970 Pontiac Grand Prix with a 406 big block... going to put a modern twist to the motor
  10. SWAGA

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    For 4 years I had a driving '79 Corvette project car. Never got around to finish building the 383 stroker and the 5 speed manual transmission I had planned for it.
    Sold everything off two years ago.

    The most unpractical and the most dangerous car I've owned.
    The front end was so loose at 100mph it was like iceskating.
    Luckily with the tops off even 50 felt fast.

    ImageUploadedByHi-Point Forum1410273186.183239.jpg

    Now I drive a $1000 car, every time something's a $1000
  11. Revolver

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    I know its not a muscle car. It is my weekend toy :)

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  12. Rerun

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    The first car I owed was a 1968 GTO (gas, tires and oil - in order of usage) with a 400 CI V-8, four speed on the floor.

    I drove that car across the Eastern US (Norfolk, VA-Houston, TX and return/Doylestown, PA -Houston, TX and return) four times. At an average speed of 65 MPH, it would get 21 MPG.

    I really hated when the national speed limit was dropped to 55 MPH - MPG dropped to 12-14 with the engine lugging the whole time.

    One time, while driving to meet some friends in Alabama, a deer jumped out in front of me and I turned off the road to miss her - took out 14 fence post and all the barbed wire in between them!

    Took me three days to re-fence that stretch. Beat the Hades out of going to jail!

    After I had set the last pole, by hand, and Mr. Forester and I stretched the last string of wire, by hand, he let me retrieve my car from his barn.

    Right next to my car was his tractor with an auger mounted on the rear! I turned to him and asked him why I had to dig all the holes, by hand, and he replied," This way, You'll know it's better to hit the deer."

    So right he was.

  13. 1. 1959 Jag XK-150 with 3.4 liter dual overhead cam inline six, 3 SU sidedraft carbs, 4 speed trans with electric overdrive.

    2. 1962 Studebaker Gran Turismo Hawk, 289 CI bored out .040, Avanti R1 cam & carb from a 390CI Caddy (idled at 1175 RPM to get smooth) Borg Warner T10 four speed trans.

    3. 1981 Dodge 150 pickup, 318 CI police motor, Quadrajet carb, four speed trans, makes for quite a sleeper as it had a cap.

    AHH, for the good old days.... :)
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  14. Dagwood

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    No pics! It never happened
  15. Does a 1994 Impala SS putting 330HP to the pavement count?

    I don't think I'll ever sell it.
  16. Rerun

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    I also used to run up and down the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia (I-81 and points West) like a r*ped ape with a '71 El Camino, 350 CI 4-barrel Carb in the middle 1990's.

    Weaving down Route 45 one evening, I discovered that I was racing a six pointer for the crossroads in Glengary, when I touched the brake to slow for the town, that buck leaped into the passenger side door, bounced over the cab, did a jig (Riverwalk, anyone?) in the bed of my car/truck? and bounded off into the woods towards Virginia...

    Some of the town folk asked me if I was going after him.

    "Nope!", I said, "I don't have my hunting license yet."

    The Post Master offered to sell me one right then. So, I took her up on her offer. Paid a couple of kids $5 dollars to go find that deer for me while I did my grocery shopping.

    They never came back.

    Do ya'll think I was took?

  17. colthrash

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    you are right, I have no surviving pics of the charger, but it looked like this

    here is a pic of the Pontiac and big block

    hey I was actually able to post pictures, I should go play the lotto...

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  18. Dagwood

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    Love it! I had a 71 charger. I also have no pics. Mine was a basket case. It did have a 440. I was never able to actually drive it. It sat on the side of my house till the city told me to either get it running or get rid of it. I miss that old mopar!
  19. colthrash

    colthrash Member

    it was a true "plant you in your seat" experience to drive. I sold mine when I left the army. Another "I should have kept it" moment in my life...
  20. USMC_VET

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