Any NH members know about automobile carry laws?

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    Hello, I live In NH and was wondering about the laws here concerning carrying while in a vehicle, from what I've researched it seems like a non ccw like myself can carry an unloaded firearm in my vehicle. The part that is unclear to me is where do i have to store my mags? does it have to be locked in the trunk inside of a locked box or just inside the trunk in a bag? I try my best to obey the laws where ever I am but often times they are vague or unclear to me.I have been thinking about getting a ccw permit but the only firearm i own at this point is a HP .45 and I think we all know hiding one of those can be nearly impossible. Thanks for reading and any insight would be a huge help.
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    Unloaded in car. Open carry. You can keep the loaded mag with the gun, just not inserted. Get your permit. It's like $10 for 4 years for residents and they're a "Shall Issue" state. Then you can CC and keep it loaded in the car. All long guns in vehicles must be unloaded. Permit or not.

    On your application, where it says "For what reason(s) do you make application to carry a pistol in New Hampshire?". Answer with "ALL PROPER PURPOSES". You'll be all set.

    For the record, I'm a Vermont resident with a non-resident NH Carry Permit.

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    Ok I see now, Thanks for the reply.
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