Any of you folks in Gaming clans?

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  1. reluctanthawk

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    Who is represented here? I'll start. [w00t!]IIssPzrpawn on cod2. [w00t!]pawn cod4.
  2. SteveD

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    AVL tractortire in Mechwarrior

  3. AndrewST

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    I was in several when I played online games. To many to count to be honest.
  4. [S_s]goblin or [Dark]goblin back in counter-strike and team fortress classic way back when, also had the [S_s]goblin for WoW IIRC. haven't gamed in ages =/ no time
  5. Was in a few, and was in charge of a few as well. Those were the days...
  6. I was in a few in Tribes and Tribes2. That's where my screen name is from.
  7. i'm not in any clans per-se right now. I have been in a couple of bf2 clans in the past though.

    On another note I am on the planning comittie for the appalachian state university gaming club. Next lan is next weekend. We draw about 200 people per event. max of ~100 PC seats, 5-6 projectors, 10-15 tv's, consoles, 70 pizzas, and at least 10 cases of red bull. WIN.
  8. elguapo

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    No clans and no plans: Life takes precedence. I know this for the year I spent just working and gaming at Ghost Recon, in 05. Games are fun (going through Max Payne 2 right now) but they are just that: games.

    I hold no grudges against people who find time to do that. I wish I could...
  9. Used to be in a few in Socom on the playstation 2. I don't find much time for video games anymore, which I really need to change.
  10. Being in a clan doesn't mean you have no life; while most people think of those clans where they have mandatory online sessions 40 hours a week, my last one was a casual WoW clan... logged on maybe once a week, and was still an officer. All depends on who you decide to roll with (I used to be on almost 12 hours a day back in college... my clan rocked and I was in charge of it, but I realized how much of my life it was soaking up so I quit).
  11. reluctanthawk

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    12 Hrs a day! Holy cow! We normally have two 1.5hr practices per week. when there is league play we have about another hour or so playing the match. Teamspeak is great, like going to the bar with the guys without having to buy a round! I agree too much of anything is too much. Now if I could just cut back on my Hunting, Shooting and political forums/blogs......... :wink:
  12. Not really a clan but I help over at as a forum moderator. They mostly play MOHAA / COD. Since I've moved and can only get WildBlue Internet I don't even get to game. :(
  13. Well, we were a World of Warcraft clan, and we could run a 5 man team through some 10 man instances (those of you who play know how hard that is). Then again, anyone who puts that much time into it had better be that good lol.
  14. I was in Red October on the horde side on doomhammer server.

    Im also with "the familia" on most all shooters on the 360. (Graw 2 , Cod 4 etc)
  15. I am a forum person, never did get into the games or chat for that matter.
  16. AGuyNamedMike

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    |pol| sniper clan in UT (99)

    |SYNUSA| and -=[EWo]=- tribes in Tribes 2

    501st Legion clan in SW Battlefront 2

    My new PS3 arrives tomorrow, so we'll see what happens with that.
  17. Play wow, in guilds, don't talk all crazy like that, too old for that stuff, but I do play...every night and every weekend.
  18. I play WoW, horde side. Have multiple toons on Perenolde, and 3 on Proudmoore.

    Haven't played for about a week or so. Boredom sets in and I lose interest.