Any Ohioan hunters going for gun season?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Altic sazquatch, Nov 26, 2014.

  1. Altic sazquatch

    Altic sazquatch The Chair-Crippler Member

    Just got my deer tag and plan on going out the first week of December to try and get my first deer. This will be my first deer hunting trip(I'm 20yrs old) so are than any tips and tricks that you have for me or your do's and don'ts?
  2. tallbump

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    I'm in PA, but this is only my second year. Didn't even see anything last year.

    No tips, personally, but I wish you the best of luck.

  3. There are just to many variables to give you tips.

    I am hunting in my tree stand in the woods. 12ft. High. Gets me above the brush.

    The first day (this Monday ) I will just sit and be quiet while everyone else chases them around.

    Next week when there are less people my dad and I will take turns pushing for each other.

    I'm using my marlin dirty-thirty with 170gr. Soft points
  4. Bull

    Bull Just a Man Supporting Member

    Are you stand hunting or stalking?..... Here in MO anyway, best bet for stand hunting was getting there way before daylight, and hunt till bout ten, then head back out about three, and stay till dark..... I've always got to hunt over food plots surrounded by woods, and those seemed to be the best times. But that's just my experience.
  5. Altic sazquatch

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    Well, we have a "stand” built. It really just consists of being under a tree with brush built up in every direction as well as some heavy brush behind us back towards the house. This area is in the middle of a soy field surrounded by wooded areas. But we also have permission to hunt in the wooded areas as well so I could be stationary or go stalking in the woods
  6. Bull

    Bull Just a Man Supporting Member

    The bean field is your better bet, unless you know where they're bedding. Then I'd set up between them, upwind and uphill if possible, early..... They're most likely to be feeding in the beans at night, and bedding down early in the morning.... Quiet and still are your friends....
    I'm hoping someone with better knowledge and Ohio experience will weigh on on this.... Good luck!
  7. Altic sazquatch

    Altic sazquatch The Chair-Crippler Member

    Unfortunately we haven't had a chance to scout the woods but we do know that they cross the field to get to the other wooded area. We'll probably stay in the blind for the most part. l have the whole week off so I will be patient and hopefully it will work out in my favor. Happy Thanksgiving everybody!
  8. cicpup

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    Tip? Make the first shot count. Sucks tracking a wounded animal for miles in the snowy woods.
  9. Not2ManyGuns

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    Are you hunting on public land (eg. national or state forest land in southeast Ohio) or private land (farm/small wooded)?
  10. Altic sazquatch

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  11. bscar

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    What gun are you using to shoot the deer with?
  12. SWO1

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    TIME ... Experience is gained by making a lot of mistakes. We have all done it. You probably wont listen or think its bad advice anyway. I did, as most others also. Go out and learn when you screw it up. You may get lucky and then again may take a long time. Just enjoy it. Took 3 in three times out last year. This year NOT A SHOT YET, season started 10/15. There is Hunting and there is taking game, The two are exclusive.
  13. Bull

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    True dat!....... Some of my best days hunting, didn't have 1 shot opportunity...
  14. Altic sazquatch

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    870 express with a slug barrel.
  15. Altic sazquatch

    Altic sazquatch The Chair-Crippler Member

    I'll take whatever advice you guys are giving. I'm a decent shot and I am patient but I know it takes more than that to be successful
  16. Bull

    Bull Just a Man Supporting Member

    Realistically, those two traits will gateway you to everything you need to know...... Outdoor Life IMO has tons of pertinent articles..... Most important, enjoy the experience, and be happy....... Filled tag or not!..... BTW, the small ones taste a lot better!!!
  17. Hermitt

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  18. Bull

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    Yeah...... They don't eat for sh*t!....
  19. Not2ManyGuns

    Not2ManyGuns Member

    That's great. I have only hunted on public land with a bow. I've never hunted during Ohio gun season. But watching how many people show up just before gun season to get ready for the hunt causes me to go home and come back after the gun season is over. Too many hunters for my taste on public land. I imagine hunting on private land during gun season would be great. Good luck with your hunt.