Any old pro rally fans on the forum

Discussion in 'Vintage Topic Archive (Sept - 2009)' started by Ari, Nov 11, 2007.

  1. Ari

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    Really nice BDA Escort video

  2. Chef Dennis

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    Ari, I can't get the video to work right, but thats ok. I have never been involved in rally racing other then a few corvette club timed road scavenger road rallys, but I do enjoy watching the world rally stuff.

    Also I never really paid much attention until you posted on this issue. So now that i have put 2 and 2 together, are you a ARi member? I am not myself but was a member of the SAE years ago when i was a Manufactures Rep.

  3. Yeah great vid...I always wanted to build a rally car from an evo 8 platform. I have partaken in some local rally events with my 240sx but it doesnt do as well as fwd or awd.
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    Sad to say I just read of one of the best World Rally drivers ever died back in September in a helicopter crash. Colin McRae, his son Johnny, and two other were in Colin's helicopter when it went down near his home. all four onboard were killed.