any one selling a bullet proof vest?

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  1. i'm interested in buying please email me or post reply if your intrested in selling a bullet proof vest.

    [email protected] -email-

    im als o intested in buying military helmets . thanks
  2. May I ask what your intent is for all this armor?

  3. Fenix

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    kind of an important question
  4. unless your a cop needing it, there is no way in h.LL someone should be selling body armor.
    just the opinion of a cop, sorry but i tend to take things like this personal.
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    Seems to me body armor would be a good thing to have in your BOB or SHTF/TEOWAWKI supplies.

    Sarge, the same argument could be made for assault rifles.
  6. Agree with Mike AZ, but this day and age you can't be too carefull. I do have some of the above, but I would never part with it unless I knew the person very well. Would hate to see anything from me end up being used for anything negitive, even like those Gaurdian Angel goobers you see on cops causing more trouble then good. I think I'll open a thread on them.
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    you can get an old military jacket for pretty cheap. it in theory could stop hand gun rounds. but thats only in theory. its made to stop shrapnel. its not by any means concealable though lol.

    i have one if you are interested. pm me.
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    Gun shows sometimes have them. pretty pricey though.
  9. R1100, are you referring to a flak vest? I've never heard any claim of them stopping any type of firearm fire, just made for larger slower moving projectiles like shrapnel.
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    civilians can buy and own body armor. there are certain laws that felons can't be in possession of them. as to the questions of what you need one, i feel that as gun owners should be careful of statements like that. look at the outroar that jim zumbo caused with his ar15 statements.

    if you can legally own something, more power to you. do i really need a beta c mag? do i need green tip ammo? do i need "cop killer" bullets? this is a dangerous slope.
  11. I'm in the process of getting into LE, as a civilian I own a pasgt helmet and armor carrier vest with trauma plates. It does tend to raise afew brows now and then when I tell friends about it, but I have them as backup when I do get on the job.

    Whoever said the same argument can be made about firearms is correct.

    btw- you can check on's classifieds for body armor if none can be found here.
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    i have bought level ii and level iii body armor from police supply shops. they are ones that are past the expiration date. they knew i wasn't leo.

    i don't wear them often but if a katrina type situation happened where i lived, you bet i would have them on me and my wife. the last time i wore it was on 9/11. there was a run at all the gas stations and after a day like that, i didn't know what to expect. i put the vests on my wife and myself and brought my concealed handgun to the pump (don't leave home often without it anyways).

    and after the mall shootings, you can't be too safe.
  13. Statements like what? Please elaborate on what you meant.
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    i've seen this on some forums and since it's consider sale of stolen property, i agree with the rules:

    Sale of current issue military items strictly prohibited
    The sale of current issue military items, such as Body Armor, Gas Masks, MREs, Night Vision, etc., will not be tolerated. All such posts will be deleted without delay.

    Should you feel that you are allowed to sell the items you own, we suggest you contact the DoD Inspector General for clarification.
  16. I just want to straighten this out. I asked because I own several kevlar helmets, gas masks, and so on from when i was in the service. IF I were to consider selling him something then I do have ever right to know why he wants it. I'm not demanding that he tells me why he wants it just becasue I want to accuse him of something. If I were saying there was something wrong then why in the world would I mention that I had them? I own my equipment because I had to purchase it when I returned from a deployment and some of my gear did not. Then some 6-8 months later it came. I have the hand receipts where it was paid for in full. But this is off topic. If this gentleman wishes to purchase an item, then he may do so. I, as a potential seller, have every right to atleast ask what his intent for it may be.
  17. Oh and please do not relate anything I have to say to anything Zumbo.
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    agreed. the beauty of online forums, people and can buy and sell to and from whomever they wish. as a seller you can refuse to sell to someone just b/c you don't like their screenname, a buyer can refuse to buy something due to a seller's bad grammar.

    i just wanted to make clear since he wasn't breaking any laws, it seems like everyone jumped on him. a seller has a right to ask the intent and a buyer has the right to purchase from someone who doesn't ask so many questions. look at ftf sales, i've bought and sold ftf with bill of sales and copy of chls and i've done some with no paperwork and a handshake. both are perfectly legal.
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    it wasn't directed at you. there were earlier posts questioning the need for the item and whether or not someone should sell something.
  20. If he was breaking laws his post wouldn't have been here long enough for anyone to post. Back to the subject. He wants to buy body armor. Can even buy a shrapnel proof blankey