any other 1911 owners?

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    I just picked up one last week from Cabela's. They had it in their after Christmas sale, and I couldnt pass up the deal...I love it so far, 100 rounds through it last Sunday and it didnt miss a beat. I really need some new tritium sights though, the ones that came on this gun are nothing special....I think Im going to go with a set of Meprolights.

    Here it is, Kimber model 1911 Custom Carry II .45acp:



    One of my buddies bought a very nice stainless Springfield 1911 the same day as I bought my Kimber, they are both great guns.

    So lets see your 1911's!
  2. browwiw

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    I have an Armscor .45.


    Not a bad "beginner's" 1911 for $265 NIB. I've had a few it a few years now and absolutely no problem with it. It came with checkered wood grips, which I replaced with Hogue grips.

    It came with black Novak post sights. Not bad for what they are, but my eyes are already going to crap and I need to get some Tri-Glos or something.

    This is pretty much my "zombie freakout" gun. In the event of the inevitable (ok, impossible) zombie uprising I have my .45.

  3. My first pistol was a Star 1911 copy. My second pistol was a Colt. I've never been without a 1911 of some type since. I've usually got more than 1. Here's a small variety:


    If I had to sell every gun I own, I'd keep a 1911 .45

  4. my Christmas present!

  5. Wow, I'm nuts over mine, so how'd I miss this thread? On with the show...
  6. I have an RIA 1911 as well. Great gun!!
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    I will chime in here: RIA 1911. Only mods so far is the Pacymyr rubber wrap around grips, in a Fobus.
  8. My RIA 1911 as it came when I bought it.


    With the Houge rubber grip that I got from Elguapo for Christmas...


    I want at least 1 more 1911, but you can never have too many of them.
  9. man, those grips you guys added are tough........ I need to look into one of those.
  10. Ari

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    Do you still have your star? Was it a PD?
  11. Not a very good picture, but...

    Colt 1991A1, Commander

  12. I was suprised at the difference they make as well. That RIA was a really sweet shooter before the new grips, but with them OMG!!! Those grips really make all the difference in the way it performs. I think the finger grooves are what does it for me. It's a much more positive feel in the hand, and it's so much easier to control recoil and trigger squeeze when each finger is in it's right place. Sometimes when you shoot a pistol, for me anyway, it seems as if the fingers on the grip get all on top of each other and the pistol starts to slide. This is really bad with slicker grips like the plain wooden ones that were on the 1911 to start out with. This Houge grip changed all that. I love that pistol anyway, but even more for the grips....
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    My safe queen: 1962 Colt Gold Cup National Match. I do have the original safety for it. Taurus PT1911 in the very near future.

  14. PS - thanks for the input - I gotta start me search!

    Man, there are some sweet ladies in this thread..... WOW!
  15. OK, you talked me in to it. My 1911.
  16. No, I sold it long ago. It was before the PD, it was a 9mm- a BK_something or other (s maybe)
    My dad bought a PD when they first came out and it was really a nice pistol. It was stolen though... :cry:

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    I got a springfield mil spec. I will see about posting it later, I am to lazy right now lol