Any street date on the new 995/4095/4595 stocks?

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by mill419, May 23, 2008.

  1. mill419

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    After seeing the pictures of the new stock, I am salivating over it and want one, bad!

    Has Hi-Point announced a release date yet?

    I think I want one of every flavor! :lol:
  2. Hi-point doesn't release dates, they release months without mention of the year. If your holding your breath for the stocks, I would let it out and breath a little before holding it again. Its supposed to be out sometime mid summer, or the end of july. But again, that might be 2009 they are talking about too.

  3. mill419

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    Doesn't Hi-point know we could be the best focus group they could ever have?! LOL

    I mean, I'd be willing to "evaluate" the new stocks for them. :wink:

    Damn my Marketing background!

    Dru, where about in WA are you? I have friends in the Tri-cities area.
  4. Oddly enough I pointed out how I would be "willing to, at the cost of my own time, rigorously test it" if they just slapped one on my carbine as they fixed the trigger. :D

    still waiting for the gun to come back