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    hey guys I posted this over in the gun gallery thread as well buttttt.......I was thinking of painting the grips on my JCP and I was wondering about what colors you all think would look good. I was thinking brown would give it a classic look but also that hunter green or tan would look pretty awesome as well. Also does anyone have any thoughts on removing ALL of the paint on the slide? I've seen the great work some of you guys have done on the standout parts of your slides stripping them down but I dunno I was thinking about how awesome the gun would look to strip it all down to the metal and put on a clear coat and then paint all of the plastic tan or hunter or something. Any thought or ideas are welcomed! Let me hear em guys!
  2. All you ideas about grip color sound interesting -- no preferences.

    As for stripping, you'll probably have to sand it off (or sandblast), as the powdercoat is impervious to about any paint remover you can find.

  3. I like most of the pistols that people have been painting with the OD green to make a two tone paint scheme . Gives them a really nice look IMO
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    duracoat will probably hold up the best and look the best.
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    Actually you can buy a commercial stripper from Eastwood that will strip the powder coat off without damaging the metal. It will strip it back to the condition before it was hot coated.
  6. but the grip is plastic isnt that bad for it?
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    My bad I was actually referring to the part about stripping the powder coat off the slide. I need to make myself more clear in my post to avoid confusion.
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    The kel-tec guys use rit dye to fully color the grip/frame all the way through, so even when you scratch it, it is still colored. I dont know if the hi-point frame can be done the same way.
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    Rit dye interesting I do know it will dye the heck out of your hands if you don't wear rubber gloves.
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    I saw a guy at the range yesterday with a tricked out hi point. He had disassembled it and stripped the slide and had it anodized blue. He had also filled in all the lettering with white. He filled in the serial # too. He had also used an industrial dye to dye the frame. He said he let it soak for a week and stirred it several times a day.
  11. I tried to color in the lettering i my C9 with a silver sharpie. BAD IDEA!!! Most of it scrubbed off but since it's a powder coat there were recesses where the ink wouldn't come off. I used a fine grain sanding block to remove the rest. Only problem is that it was flat and the rest of the slide was textured. Didn't like that. So I did a shine job on it with my dremel. Only along the raised edge of the slide. It sort of looks like a .380 but a lot shinier. There are a few spots that I messed up on with the rest of the slide and frame. I used four different buffing compound wheels that came with my drimmel. Then, it sounds fruity, but I went to Target and got one of those emery nail blocks (do-it-yourself manicure) that has the four different textures. I had previously used one to clean up the bezel and lense on a watch, which made it crystal clear. I polished the bare part of the slide with this block to make it extra shiny. I'll try and put pics of it up. I like it and everyone who saw it before and after liked it. It's just a little different.
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    Huh. I always was told that once plastic is black, it can only become shades of gray. (with oxidation and age) You could never go lighter or a different color with dye, industrial or not. Oh well.

    BUT the good news is that you seen this tricked out custom hi-point, and you told him about this forum, and he will be on here later this week with pics and tutorials of the processes... You DID invite him to the forum, didn't you?
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    I did better than that. I gave him a business card with the website on it plus my laptop was in the car along with my portable printer. so I also made him a copy of the front page.
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    Good because i am wanting to see this thing, it sounds almost like something that Tactical Solutions would produce, but i know they aren't intrested in making something for a HP, but hey... you never know... people pour over $1K into a $200 Ruger 10/22, so anything is possible...
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    I have painted some of my grips before, use Dawn dishwash soap to clean, charcoal gray metallic looks great and then use clear coat to finish it off. Works great. Also have used reddish brown metallic which looks good.
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    I have used Cordova Brown Metallic and Charcoal Grey Metallic with a clear
    coat on the finished product and to me it looks very good.
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    I've recently sent out a Kel Tec PF-9 slide, barrel and 2 mags to CCR Refininshing to be redone in a matte black Cera Kote. Here is a link to their website:
    I came across this company on the Kel Tec forum and I have read nothing but great things about their work. I believe they do everything from slides & barrels to entire guns, shotguns, etc.
    For my slide barrel and 2 mags the grand total including return postage was 61.00. The entire gun refinishing cost is close to the original price of most Hi points so I don't know if this would be the route to go.
    They did give me a special price for being a member of the Kel Tec owners group forum. Maybe they will offer a special for all Hi Point forum members if there is enough interest.
    I have not recieved my parts back yet but when I do I could post before & after pics if anyone is interested.
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    Where are the Pics