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I'm thinking if I can't trade/sell my .380 at the gun show tomorrow, then I'll try to sell on here.
Has anyone sold a firearm on here that can give me some tips?

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The gun has to be transferred from an FFL dealer to an FFL dealer. You need to find an FFl dealer that will do the transfer for you. They charge a fee for doing this for you. My FFl dealer does it for me for $15 per gun. I have talked to some dealers that charge as much as $35 so ask around and find a more friendly dealer like I did. You will need to decide what you want for your gun + the transfer fees as your selling price. Also you will have to keep in mind that the buyer will have to pay what you want + shipping and a transfer fee on his end to purchase the gun. So keep the price reasonable. Most states will let you do a person to person sale without all of the transfering or backround check so you could try at your gun show or even a classified ad. Check online classifieds to. I live in Utah and I buy and sell on a local tv/radio web site classified ad section. Here is a link for you to look at for example. Hope this helps! 8)

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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