Anybody a member of the American Legion?

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    I had a fellow inform me of the location about a local American Legion Post nearby.

    Tell me about the group.

    Inquiring eldar
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    I don't feel like reading. Just tell me. Is it a Super Hero thing or a "We Are Legion" thing? Or what I always thought? A private bar where old farts can tell all racist jokes they want.
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    That one.
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  7. I'm a member of the Sons of the American Legion.

    My only experience is with my local chapter. Yeah, there's a members only private bar where political correctness doesn't exist. Most of the members in my chapter are far right leaning patriots; racism may exist, but I've never seen it. Our Legion post puts flags on veterans graves, and is actively involved in Memorial Day, and Veteran's Day activities (parades / speeches) and they assist veterans and their families whenever they can. We also offer scholarships to HS graduates who are looking to further their education.
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    There's a bunch of groups I know nothing about, like the Ruritans and the Rotary Club. I've spoken to 1 or 2 of theirs members and came away more confused about what they are/do.

    I worked with a guy that was in the Lions Club, I know they sold brooms and had BBQs but that's about it.
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    Legion in the town near me is open to anyone... known as a dive bar where fights are nightly... they have been shut down a couple times over it.
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    NE Utah
    We put out flags for holidays, and we do the flag ceremonies and gun salutes for vets when they pass.
    No bar here. Probably why there are so few members.
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  11. When I was a high school student oh so many eons ago, the local American Legion Post #354 sponsored me as a Foreign Exchange student. They've always had a special place in my heart because of that. Does that count?
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  12. Lions International are big into human eyesight. They're the ones who have donation boxes for your used eyeglasses so that they can be recycled to those who cannot afford glasses. They also offer camperships to children who have diabetes, and those camps are fairly expensive to send a kid to.
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    Our local Legion Post is very active in the community. They sponsor (charter) a cub scout pack and a Boy Scout troop along with a Sea Scout "ship". We also support the local NJROTC
    Battalion at our High School. Each year the post and the Auxiliary sponsor 4 High school junior year students to both Boys State and Girls State where they learn the workings of government they both award graduating seniors scholarships for college. We have an Honor Guard which consists of approximately 60 members who perform Military funerals we consistently field 20 to 25 members to do this. The Honor Guard also assists at local ceremonies ( Veterans Day. Memorial Day, Patriot Day (9/11), Pearl Harbor Day, 4th of July.
    Seven members of the Honor Guard serve as a rifle squad that handle the rifle volleys required for funerals and ceremonies. We also have a Sons of the American legion chapter they take care of Flag retirement ceremonies this group also replaces the flags placed on veterans graves twice a year. There is also a Legion Riders chapter that raises money for veterans in need via poker runs. Each Friday night the post is open to the public for dinners
    prepared by a kitchen staff usually 3 different entrees for a nominal fee. This helps support the post so they can continue to support the community. There is also a canteen (bar) open to members and invited guests. It's not a dive bar good behavior is essential or you will be escorted out. Yes there are the war stories but it's a veterans bar there's no getting around them. Our post is much like what Adam01364 describes.
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    The Legion and VFW claimed Vietnam Veterans had not been in a "war" and so denied them membership until the late 1980's when their WW II base of members were dying off at 1,000 a day or more. Vietnam veterans began receiving large envelopes with fancy engraved invitations from the "National Commander" to join their organization. Too little too late for most, but a lot of Era veterans joined. As a "guest" at Legion and VFW posts occasionally over the years I found a smoke filled bar full of old farts telling lies about what they did in the military not to my liking.

    The American Legion recently has gotten some less than positive media coverage as they have decided that renting their meeting facilities to motorcyclists or allowing them to come in is a bad thing (after they've been doing it for decades) and that their "Legion Riders" are the only motorcyclists allowed in the building. Many of the motorcyclists they are denying admission to are veterans, and in veteran oriented motorcycle clubs - go figure!!!!
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