Anybody know anything about the SMITH & WESSON 22A

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  1. This is looking like my next gun. With the $125 gift card my work gives us in 2 weeks I can get one for $75 out of pocket. Are they good?

    And how hard is it to change the barrel? I'll be getting the 5.5" but I really love the look if the 4" barrel so I was thinking about getting that as well so I can swtich back and forth as the mood takes me.
  2. Thayldt21

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    Just my opinion and by no means fact.

    I believe the Walther to be a far better Shooter.

    I would suggest you look around at them.

    Other than that S&W are fine little pistolas.

  3. GlockMan

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    The S&W 22A is a decent little gun and very accurate if the barrel is kept clean as they are know to lead due too the deep cut rifling. Other then that if you like it and the price is right I say go for it.

  4. I've always liked the look of them and the bull barrel is nice too.
  5. My buddy's wife has the P22 but I was looking for the longer barrel. THe 4" is just cause it's kinda neat looking. I was also looking at the Neos but for almost 1/3 more where the main selling point I can see is the "swatch watch" feature I really couldn't see that being worth it.

    THe main reason I'm looking at it is the price of the gun and a fun cheap ammo range gun.

    Any others in the low to mid $200s?
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    I dont think the P22 is as accurate. I have come close to buying one of those 22a but other guns fell into my lap I had to buy..
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    I have never seen one of these before tonight, and I must say I like the look of them. I am really considering one of the 7" black ones. I found them at Buds for $226 shipped.

    I enjoyed shooting a silenced ruger mk III and wouldn't mind having one of those either, but just cant justify spending that much on a .22 pistol.
  8. Yeah those Ruger IIIs seem nice. Everybody around here seems to be stocking the 5.5" Wouldn't mind the 7" but I'm not going to wait on on. Cheaper than dirt has the 7" barrel for around $110 and the 4" for $90

    So as long as the swap is easy I'll grab the 4" as well
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    I have had one for several years now. I love shooting it. It is real smooth, easy to shoot and clean. Breaks down in nothing flat.

    Open factory sight very accurate.
    A great gun to start a new shooter with. The wife and kids love it.

    The .22 makes for a longer day at the range.
  10. Other than I just don't like the way they look, I've never heard anything really bad about them. For that kind of money, you really can't go too far wrong.
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    I've had a basic black one for a long time. In fact, I bought it before the
    Klinton/ S&W agreement.

    Great gun, very accurate and easy to handle. Mine has the standard barrel with the rail on top. Easy to mount optics.

    I had a Ruger Mark II and sold it. The S&W is easier to tear down than the Ruger (for me anyway), and cleaning the S&W is a necessity.

    I would buy another in a heartbeat.
  12. I do not own a S&W 22A but have had some personal expierence with shooting them in various configurations. The 22A fits my hand much better than my Ruger 22/45 does and its just as accurate. Some 22A's are ammo sensitive but almost all semi-auto rimfire's are to some extent or another, find the ammo it does not like and dont buy it.

    The 4" barrel makes a great hiking/camp/utility configuration for the pistol, even the 5.5" barrel isnt bad for the same purpose. The 7" barrel is definatly the hunter/target model and really shines when you mount an optical scope to it. My choice would be to get the 7" barrel, mout a scope to it for hunting needs and get the 4" barrel for the hiker/utility needs. I really dont see much difference between accuracy of the 4" and 5.5" barrels to warrent having both, especially when using open sights.

    Another great thing about the S&W 22A is that all barrels come with an intergal Weaver rail, front and rear sights. When you get a barrel scoped or sighted in you wont loose zero when its removed and replaced. The S&W 22 also comes in a stainless version called the 22S. The 22S cost a bit more and isnt as popular as the economy line 22A but if you prefer a stainless model you can get one.

    Barrel change is relatively easy but when the barrels are new the locking lug can be a real PITA on some guns. After a good bit of use it becomes easier and you build a bit of strength in the thumb...LOL.

    I would say get the 22A, especially if your total out of pocket cost will be ~$75.

  13. Sweet! Know what I'm doing Thanksgiving weekend! Bad part is I think they only stock the 5.5 so there will be a bit of a wait :(

    One more question I've seen a version with a round barrel (like the pic a few posts up). Why?