Anybody shoot the PLR-16?

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  1. I just watched some videos of this thing and it looks pretty awesome. Anybody own one of these or shot one of these before?
  2. You mean one of these?


    It is a "blast" to shoot. (pun intended) Muzzel blast at dusk is awsome to say the least. I havent put any match ammo thru it, but with surplus, it seems fairly accurate. I highly recomend it.......

  3. Nice :) I watched some videos where they shot it with and without the muzzle break. The break made a HUGE difference in controllable recoil on the thing. I was really impressed.
  4. The break does make a huge difference. For the simplicity of its design, it probably works better than any other brake I have used before. One word of warning if you get one, make sure your ear protection is properly in place, as the plr is ungody LOUD. First tie I shot it I didn't have my plugs in tight, my ears rang for 2 days :oops:
  5. lol! Thanks for the warning :D It's not something I will be getting right away, but it's on my 2008 shopping list :) How much did yours set you back?
  6. Nice lookin toys there Drilln!!!!
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    Never personally handled one but there were a few pics making the rounds of some that had cracks in the reciver around where the barrel mounted and one that had melted down from bumpin'. For the majority seems to be a good weapon.

  8. Bought it at a gunshow last year, new in the box for $425. Got home and immediatly ordered the front hand gard, sling and break to $56 if I remember right.
  9. Thanks, I had posted this pic on the old forum a long time ago. a couple weeks ago I had my whole collection laid our ready for a family portrait, but my camera decided that it would not take another photo, ever :cry: . so maybe I will get a camera for christmas so I can introuduce ther rest of the clan...........
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    What kind of accuracy are you getting out of this. I really like this gun and was thinking of getting one. Thanks, Mike