Anybody used their Hi Point carbine to hunt with?

Discussion in 'The Lead Chuck'N Zone' started by Quavodus, Jun 23, 2020.

  1. Rachgier

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    As well hashed out as this ethical hunting topic has been hashed, it stands to be said (again) that hunting within the limitations of your firearm, and knowing said limitations, is key.

    I have no problem shooting an elk with my 10mm G20 inside 50 yards. It meets all my personally required ballistics to be considered ethical at that range. Purposefully taking a bad shot would make it unethical.
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    really the only ethical shot with a 9, 40 or 45 would be a coup de grace
  4. Much nicer than a Coupe Deville. (Or a Buick in this case.)
  5. Rachgier

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    Or putting a new spin on road hunting. I wonder what my stopping power was....
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    I hit and kilt a deer many years back driving on a country road in northern California. I put one of these on the left front quarter panel on my white Ford Explorer as a 'kill counter' kinda' like the fighter pilot boys do. My wife hated it.

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  7. No venison stew on the menu that night?
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    NE Utah
    Estimate 5800 lbs at 65 mph, is about 819,000 foot lbs.

    But penetration sucks, so you obviously can’t kill deer with a Suburbasaurus. It must have just died of Covid.
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    NE Utah
    If it can kill a man, it can kill a deer.
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  10. Rachgier

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    Well 2 were DRT and the buck ran off to die in my buddy's field. So it was a triple kill.
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    So you can not ethically shoot a person with those rounds then. Gotcha. You better be using a rifle caliber from now on.
    Stop using logic
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    yes, I hunt hogs down here in Texas with my 4095. Here’s my latest hunt. Dropped her with first shot, Put one more in her to keep her down, my hog feeder is 60yrds from my box blind. 04B94903-E3AA-4941-AF39-5C2558FE33EC.jpeg 04B94903-E3AA-4941-AF39-5C2558FE33EC.jpeg
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    .45acp dropping bears ??
    Are you sure of that ??

    Maybe this picture will make you change your mind !!!

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    moon got shot, so sorry. thank god for that hard head
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    I'm sure. Now you could try a search if you were so inclined.
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    Sorry not me. I've learned to duck and weave when guns come out.

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    Yep it was an Alaskan brown, or black bear. JHP45 was the handiest weapon at the time.
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    Bella Twin, an Indian girl, and her friend Dave Auger were hunting grouse near Lesser Slave Lake in northern Alberta. The only gun they had was Bella’s single-shot bolt-action .22 Rimfire rifle. They were walking a cutline that had been made for oil exploration when they saw a large grizzly following the same survey line toward them. If they ran, the bear would probably notice them and might chase, so they quietly sat down on a brush pile and hoped that the bear would pass by without trouble. But the bear came much too close, and when the big boar was only a few yards away, Bella Twin shot him in the side of the head with a .22 Long cartridge. The bear dropped, kicked and then lay still. Taking no chances, Bella went up close and fired all of the cartridges she had, seven or eight .22 Longs, into the bear’s head. That bear, killed in 1953, was the world-record grizzly for several years and is still high in the records today.
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