Anyone else get the Chevy recall notice?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by ajole, Sep 1, 2014.

  1. ajole

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    NE Utah
    I got mine. 2013 Chevy Impala, has the dreaded ignition switch with the inability to hold up a 3 lb set of keys without switching off.:rolleyes:

    The notice says parts are not available locally yet, so we should drive with nothing hanging off the key, not even the remote fob, until they inform me of the parts coming in.

    Bet every car maker will be going to either keyless stuff, like Nissan uses, or making sure the key is vertical when on.

    We'll see.
  2. GM seems to have had a few recalls lately.

    My truck has the remote lock stuff built into the key. I have heard replacing a damaged key is relatively expensive. I carry the truck key on a ring by itself. The three pounds of other keys I have are on a separate ring.

    I don't know why they all don't go to keyless start. I don't see how it really matters on cost seeing as how much new cars and trucks cost these days.

  3. SWAGA

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    My wife's keyring has got more junk on it then this one even


    I had to laugh when I saw that item on the news about the key turning because of the weight.
    TG she's driving a '96.........:rolleyes:
  4. greg_r

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    A little off topic, but the wife had a Pontiac Bonneville that caught fire one morning. That very day we got a recall notice in the mail about the switch causing fires.
  5. It may be a while I talked to my friend that works at spo ( parts at gm ) the one batch of switch's for recall is defective . so is that a recall on the recall ??
  6. lsi1

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    its safest to take a gm vehicle move it far away from the house. probably have to tow it there with a real vehicle. then you just let it sit there like a rock just like the comercials say.
  7. just aslong as there is no ford's around with fire starting cruise control switch
  8. panoz77

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    I've had 3 recalls fixed on my HHR in the last 6 months. Ignition switch, power steering pump and something with the airbags.

    About the ignition switch, I had an appointment for over a month, finally went in and said I want a rental vehicle until it was fixed. They gave me the rental with no hassle and told me it would probably still be another month till it got fixed, I said no problem with me. Next day they called and told me it was done and to pick it up.

    If you ask for a rental over the ignition switch, they HAVE to give you one, just an FYI.
  9. SWO1

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    I got one a long, long time ago on my 2001 250 HD pickup. It was for a cable on the tale gate that "could" rust out. It was over 50 miles round trip to a dealer who would replace it. they said I could not pick up the part and replace it myself. With the cost of gas then I never did. About 200K miles later and many years it hasn't broken yet. If it does I will go to the Junk Yard and get another one. NO FIRE DANGER, guess the tail gate could fall off goin down the road, cause sparks and ignite something. :p
  10. I got the recall for the fire starting cruise control on my 99 f150, never took it in.

    So far there are no recalls on my 13
  11. Liberty

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    Got two for each Malibu Maxx we own. They want us to PAY for the repairs FIRST and then send in for reimbursement. This will be prompting a call to HQ. Bet they don't want to be sued for FOUR defects out there possibly killing a 3-year old if it causes us to crash in one of the cars.

    I'll be asking for the rental car too.
  12. bscar

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    My mom got one for her 05 Cobalt's ignition switch.

    I got one for my CX-7 awhile back for a retune, or something, with the ECU for emissions I think it was.
  13. panoz77

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    Pay for them first? They are full of sheet, I would definitely call GM headquarters and file a complaint, ESPECIALLY if it is the ignition switch.