Anyone else like the Grendel P-30?

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  1. GrOuNd_ZeRo

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  2. Cool pistol, any idea how reliable they were. Seems like 5 years of production is kinda short.

  3. GrOuNd_ZeRo

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    That's what i'm wondering too, I know most .22's out there can't have more than 10 rounds in their mags.

    But 30 rounds is good for any caliber weapon IMO.
  4. Uraijit

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    They were a pretty cool gun. My dad bought one back when they were still reasonably had. The reason the production was so short lived was that the Clinton/Brady gun ban specifically banned them, so they were forced out of production.

    They were about as reliable as the Kel-Tecs of today (Grendel is now Kel-Tec). Parts are all but impossible to find for them now though. My dad highly regrets not having purchased the carbine version of the gun as well -- the name escapes me at the moment...
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    I was just about to ask a question about the Clinton Ban on this weapon. Didn't it have a lot to do with the magazine capacity as well? I remember this weapon coming up with complaints from lawmakers that the mag capacity was to great for a typical handgun.

  6. AGuyNamedMike

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    I love the huge "tactical" Mag-light, effectively doubling the weight of the weapon.
  7. Wow that's cool! And yes, that mag light is.... interesting.
  8. Uraijit

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    That's IT! It uses the same mags as the P-30. I believe that the ban was based on the number of rounds it holds, but it's also highly likely that it was just too damn scary looking for the Brady Bunch.
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    I always liked the Grendel carbine but the pistol was kinda ugly. Then again it would be a hoot to shoot 30 rounds of 22 mag. If I had one now I might try converting to 17 cal..
    I used to soot a full auto 17 cal..Brady bill never touched it the FREON BAN killed it. It was a Full auto BB gun with 3,000 RPM! But you were shooting Freon into the Ozone Layer too...Sucks. Sorry kids you can't play outside without thick UV protection because daddy spent his summers screwing up the Ozone layer. Kinda reminds me of when I dumped hundreds or 6 ring binders for pop in the Indian Ocean while in the Navy..(Hey they were in a LARGE paper bag that looked like stuff to throw overboard..)
    Dang, I'll never make it to heaven, I'm gonna get clubbed by baby seals in Purgatory for eternity....
  10. Uraijit

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    Freon 'eh? Would it work with nitrogen?
  11. prob work fine with c02 or nitrogen.
  12. griff30

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    I have not tried playing with it for a while. It leaks air now and I have an adapter for it to run compressed air. Its in storage.
    You can make your own that shoots more BBs faster, its a simple design. If anyones interested I can send them a diagram, you can make with PVC. Sorry for Hijack!
  13. Uraijit

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    I'd be interested in making one!