Anyone else riding bikes, mopeds, etc...

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  1. Silicon Wolverine

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    ...because of high gas prices? just curious. Ive been riding a dump scavenged huffy for nearly a week. Price was tight and the tires still have the nubbies on them.

  2. browwiw

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    I have started a walking regimen both for fitness and just plain getting used to it for the near future 'crisis'. Like I've said elsewhere, I'm suffering from Post Peak-Oil Paranoia.

  3. JMcDonald

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    I started riding my bike after I transfered to a new school (University of Oklahoma). I live about 2 miles away, and at first it would take me about 18 minutes to get to school. Now it takes me about 9-13, depending on my mood and the wind (9 if Im feeling good and the wind is behind me, 12 or 13 if I don't feel like rushing and the wind is in my face), and thus easily beat my roommate to class when he drives, heh.

    Its $200 per year for a parking permit, and on average I spend about $20 per month on gas just from running the occasional errand that is more than a couple miles away or when I am grocery shopping. So yeah, over a year I am probably saving not only that $200 permit, but probably at the very least an additional $20 a month, so probably around $500 a year. Not a lot for some, but in college its quite a bit! And hell, that right there will pay for a Hi-Point and 1500 rounds of 9mm ammo, hah.

    Not only that, but the result of my increased fitness was about 10lbs of muscle gained in my thighs, and greater lung and cardiovascular fitness! This was just in the last 4 months since this semester started!

    And, with gas only getting higher, Ill just keep smiling wider and wider pedaling down the sidewalk, hah.

    And, maybe one of these years Ill be able to convince my GF to let me get a bike... her end of that deal would be for me to let her run me over first, and if I survive I canget a bike. Maybe I can get her to go a little easier?
  4. i ride motorcycles to work...too far to ride a bike.
  5. neothespian

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    I've been riding Vespas and Lambrettas (The REAL scooters) since I was 15, and grew up in a "Skin" family, so it's nothing new to me. My daily ride is a 2006 Vespa GTS250ie with Touring kit. Trounces just about anything on 4 wheels, is fully automatic and gets 75mpg!

    The thing you have to be careful for are these cheap POS Chinese built scooters that "claim" to be made by Honda and Vespa, when they have nothing in common with those bikes at all.

    Best rule of thumb: If you can't find a dedicated dealership AND shop, and if it costs less than $1200 new, you're getting what you pay for and expect to push it.


    If you want to really save gas and beat the rush, buy those legit scooters now, because when more people start riding bikes they're going to begin to realize the difference between the crap bikes and the quality bikes, and you'll see scooters like the Honda Ruckus and Metropolitian go from about 2 grand out the door to 4 grand used when gas hits above $4 a gallon. Heck, right now my Vespa is APPRECIATING in value and it's only 2 years old!

    Had some ignorant yuppie in an Escalade comment on how nice my bike was at the filling station and I said "Thanks! I love it", and then he asked if I was selling it. I told him "Not these days, and not ever". Then he says "Well, I'll pay you well for it. I'll give you $3,000 right now"

    I was flat out offended, and told him that my bike cost $7,000 from the dealer. He gets all indignant saying "Well, it's just a scooter. No way I'd pay that much for it"

    I put my helmet on and said "That's cool. Enjoy your $120 fill up. Every week."
  6. Strangerous

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    No, but instead of doing 75mph in the "hammer lane" on the interstate, I now poke along at 60-65 in the "slow lane". I also take my time to get up to speed... I wait until I get into a high gear, to use the torque to accelerate. I do my best to not go over 2500rpm's... it works out well because doing 60-64 I'm doing about 21250rpm's. I have to drive to work 7 days a week... both jobs are ~20 miles from my home in opposite directions from each other. Any little thing I can do to save a little bit of gasoline, I'll do it.
    I'm even thinking about making my own "Water 4 Gas" modification to improve my fuel mileage. I would like nothing more than to make that type of product "ready to install" and sell them for profit IF I have good results. I should be able to cut down the per unit price of the specialty items needed to make them. Their website only sells the books with information on "How to make" your own kit, but people visit the website and see a picture of a kit made by the book's instructions, and they quickly pay the money and are disappointed about getting 2 books to read instead of a complete system "ready to install". Many who call it a scam because they didn't read the website...
  7. Wish it was an option. But I live in Houston and I work 20 miles from home.
  8. browwiw

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    /me bites fist and controls urge to rant about how the suburbs are totally unsustainable in a Post Peak-Oil world and will be come the new slums of the 21-st century...
  9. Uraijit

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    My motorcycle gets 60mpg. I'm not riding it right now, because I don't want to pay the exorbitant registration fees... They get you commin', and they get you goin'...
  10. I would ride my bicycle but my wife carpools with me and she WILL NOT get up on the handlebars! :D

    It is 10 miles to her work and then 4 miles to mine over Nashville streets. That means killer hills and killer drivers.

    After I get my carry permit, can I shoot a car that is threatening my life while riding my bike? Just a thought? :lol: "Officer, I was in fear for my life. I shot to stop the threat."
  12. Strangerous

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    I just found this site... It's for Tufoil... It's not a complete 1:1 alternative to conventional engine oil, but Tufoil is an oil additive. It's known as the most slippery substance known to man.
    It's been around for 25 years now, and hold the guinnes book of world record for "The World's Most Effective Lubricant"... I know friction = power loss... more gasoline needed to get same performance... so if this is the ultimate oil (additive) then it should help find some lost mpgs... Just my $.02... again. It's a bit spendy when you first look at it, but for $38.50 you get 1 quart... 32oz... you only use 2oz of tufoil per regular quart of oil the first treatment... 1oz per quart for each consecutive oil change... so in thoery... You'd get 7 oil changes out of it if you only put in 4 quarts of oil when you change it...
  13. gregj

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    I ride my bike (07 Honda ST1300A) to work, religiously. Only time I dont is when there's snow and ice on the roads. Fuel economy is one big reason (40mpg vs 18mpg on my GMC Sierra Duramax). The other big reason I can take HOV!!! My commute is about 47mi each way. Taking the bike really makes the commute more tolerable.
  14. 69burbon

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    I really want to find a cheaper daily driver. I only have a 2 mile (each way) commute right now but usually have a bunch of running around to do. I have a 94 Chevy Pickup right now and would still keep it for general hauling. I would love to go with an electric car since most of my driving is local but the price of the conversion kits is ridiculous. Over 2 grand for a kit to put in a $500 car.
  15. bobm

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    Put a set of Dunstall exhaust on my 07 Bonneville tonight, nice sound, good gas, fun factor +++. The Italians and Brits got it together with bikes and scooters.
  16. I don't own a bike. Perfectly happy driving company vehicle using company gas card. 60 miles to work roundtrip plus routes. Personal ride is a '93 Eclipse that gets 38 mpg. Planning on tuning in a few more mpg's in very near future.
  17. My wife has always been very much AGAINST me owning a bike, but the other day she mentioned that we could save mnoney if I had a motorcycle to ride to work on days when I wouldn't be taking our daughter back and forth to school. Who knows, maybe this time next year I'll be owning a motorcylce.
  18. neothespian

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    The new Bonnie is going to be my next bike when I pay off the GTS (in TWO YEARS!!!). THAT is some sexy bike action going on. I'm torn between the racing green clubman or the scrambler. Either way I'm VERY pleased that Triumph decided to keep the chassis as original as possible while craming in all sorts of new tech. The fact that they were able to mask the electronic ignition hardware so well is what seperates the British builds from the masses of cloned Harleys and Japanese tupperware.

    And for those who don't know the raving we're having over the new Brittbikes, here's a pic:

  19. I've done some poking and reading on this topic based on your post. I guess this falls for me in the "if it really worked like it's advertised, some entrepreneur would own his own island by now" camp. Let us know if you try it and it works!

    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    I would consider a scooter BUT the way the buffoons drive around here [this is NASCAR country] I am really worried about anything even with 4 wheels let alone 2 and small at that. :wink: