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With Brett Farve as a Viking now, I dont' know. Most of these guys know that Farve is out there to do nothing but win. If he does, he'll finally have my respect. November 1st will be here soon enough and we'll know how Brett's gonna do on his old home field when that time comes.

Guys, I've been a Vikings fan for my entire life. For Farve to come in from the Jets, being a career "Cheesehead" isn't something that I care for. For the Vikings to be 4-0 is a miracle by any stretch of the imagination, and if he beats the Packers at home, he just might have a chance IMHO.
He was with the Falcons for a season before the Packer's, but I'll admit the majority of the time he was a "Cheesehead." I've been a Packers fan for a while, don't think I'll ever care for Favre again...
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