Anyone ever do any boxing? Check out this little girl

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  2. It would be embarrassing for an old guy like me to have to run from a little girl ROFLOL

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    Wow, that little girl has some amazing skills. Neat vid Ari, thanks.
  4. Great now I need to be scrared of 10 year old girls. Thanks alot Ari................
  5. She doesn't scare me, why just last year I was in a fight with 2, count 'em-Two 14 year old girls.

    Just as soon as I broke it up, I took them to the Deans' office. One of them even punched me while I was pulling them apart. My comment was along the lines of 'Is that as hard as you can hit?' but less PC. These were the tough 'gangbanger' girls that threaten and harrass others. Truthfully, this 10 year old girl would have mopped the floor with both of them! (maybe me too if she'd a mind to)
  6. :shock: well i dont think her dad has anything to worry about.
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    well they are just drills now ;).

    they help but if she doesnt apply it in actual sparring. then there my be an over confident issue. or the fact that she wont be able to slip every punch ;).

    but she is really good. fast little booger.
  8. :shock:

    I bet that dudes hands were HURTIN' when she got done with them!!! Wow, that's awesome!
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    here is a little it was posted in the comments

    Her name is Seniesa Estrada and she's a Mexican American. She won the Ringside World Boxing Championship,girls intermediate division, last august and? she's 13 years old now (2007). She has been fighting boys, as well, for 5 years now and beats them. She has won 35 fights and lost 3 times, I assume against other girls, so the standard amongst these little girls must be awesome!!