Anyone ever had a round stuck in the chamber?

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by dxr, Aug 13, 2020.

  1. dxr

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    My 995ts had a jam yesterday, when i tried to eject, the casing came out, but the bullet stayed lodged. I popped it out w a cleaning rod, and tried a test round, and it wont go in more tha. 80% without getting jammed.

    Chamber appears clear, Cant see anything about obstructing it. Any suggestions?
  2. What ammo are you using? Any chance you can post pictures?
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  3. cicpup

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    Step #1 - Clean it.
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  4. dxr

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    Cleaning it was the first thing i did. Ammo was cheapbcheap aluminum 115gr
  5. If it were me I would not use aluminum cased ammo in my 995TS.

    The test round used by Hi-Point for the 995TS is Blazer Brass 5200, 115 gr, FMJ.

    I have run at least a thousand rounds of the Blazer Brass 5200 through mine between cleanings exclusively and have not ever had a failure of any type.
  6. Think1st

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    It really sounds line an overall length issue if you've cleaned the weapon and this is the first issue of its type after a long run of perfect functioning.

    Try comparing the length of the ammo from that box with the lengths of other rounds. Either you got a defective round with an improperly seated bullet, or you got a type of ammo that is just to long for the Hi Point chamber to accommodate.
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  7. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Aluminum, steel, brass...makes no difference. My HPs run them all.

    I’m with Think1st, sounds like that ammo may be out of spec. The only other possibility is cleaning as Cicpup said, but you said you cleaned it.

    Was the jam early in the session, or had you already run a box full?
  8. Dubar

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    Buddy gave me some 9mm Maxxtech or Techmaxx, whatever the name is. Casing was either steel or aluminum and I had one get stuck. Took it to the range master and he ran a rod down thru it to clear it.
  9. moona11

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    Had a Ruger mini 14 that wouldn't chamber a round I clean and clean it and couldn't get it to chamber. Finally found a partial case stuck in it. I swear I could not see the damn thing and it was formed to the chamber. I finally got it out and it's been running ever since
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  10. Think1st

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    I remember something like that happened to a guy at KTOG some years back. That little ring of broken case mouth was near invisible in there.
  11. histed

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    Had the same deal with a Model 70 chambered for .223. PITA until I got the little brass ring from the neck out
  12. moona11

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    That was me silly
  13. Humor is wonderful .
  14. rickm

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    My vote goes towards a partial broken case stuck in the chamber and not letting the next round fully load.
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  15. missiledefender

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    Head down to your local hardware store/Lowes/Home Depot and get a brass rod that you can use to knock the brass out of the chamber. Then take that brass rod and throw it in the trunk of your car and keep it there with your range stuff. Done.

    Fellow Service Men will remember being "rodded, off the range"
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  16. Think1st

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    Hahahaha! I couldn't remember who posted that on there.
  17. moona11

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    No brass No Ammo!!
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  18. missiledefender

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    That's "No brass, no ammo SERGEANT!!"...ahhh The Bad Ol Days
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  19. lklawson

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    this is what I was thinking.

    Peace favor your sword ( mobile)
  20. Think1st

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    Nope. It's "No ass, no brammo!"
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