Anyone ever tried taking off the pistol handles

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  1. and painting them with the Plastic safe paint ? Or would this be to much for these so called ugly ducklings ?

    I can picture a 45 with Silver / Aluminum looking grips or even a desert tan grip. I might have to try it, if it doesn't work HP will replace them.
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    Please do and post pics.

    I think it should work.

    I am unsure if this has been tried but SOunds do able.

  3. I have taken them off and painted them with rubber undercoating to give them a more soft feeling, but would be interested to see what they would look like in different colors.

    No big deal to take off, just watch where the parts go and the tiny springs that are on the grips themselves.

    And when you put them back on, remember to not overtighten the screws, the frame is plastic and can strip out.
  4. I got to looking in my own product line and found this item in a new line I now carry. It is availible in Black, Clear, Grey, White and Yellow.

    I have a can of Black and Grey on the way, I'll send either one to anyone who wants to try it.

  5. I will be interested in seeing your pistol with the tan grips. I would have to strip the stuff off of my pistols but if tan looks good I might give it a try

    Keep us posted ok?


    Sorry hitman, I misread the colors that you have one the way, please if you try out the black and see how it works, post some pics for us, that would be my choice between the colors you are getting

  6. Sounds like a good idea there Harley, let us know if you decide to do it and post pics when you're done.
  7. I wonder if I could talk HP out of a set of replacement handles if I don't like the look ???
  8. I have seen some pic's on the net where guys painted their C9's, .40's and .45's and they looked sharp. One guy did his .45 in the new digital pattern the military has gone to, it was uber cool and he did an awesome job. The old forum had some cool pics but sadly that info was lost in the change over.
  9. You know, if the grips on my .45 were a bit flatter, I'd paint them pearl white. Then I just might have to break-out the pinstripping brushes and go VonDutch on the thing. :D
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    Check out the pics in the gun gallery section. I've seen Hp's posted with white grips, tan, camo, etc. Might have been on the old site though.
  11. Might not hurt to call them and ask and let us know what they say.
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    I wish Hogue made a replacement wrap around grip for the HPs. I guess my handall will have to do for now.....
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    I painted mine with the multicolor texture paint in brown, I like the way it looks and feels.

  14. wow, baker nice looking pistol there.
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    That works! Nice job
  16. I'd like to find a good woodworker to make some checkered wood grips...
  17. man, that looks good!! i may have to copycat you. stupid question...this doesn't void the guaranty does it?
  18. I guy awhile ago did this to his C9, I however edited the pic to incorporate a black mag release, grip screw, trigger and the area where the safety touches in between settings. He had originally painted those components the sand color. IMO, I liked the suttle black accents...

    From what its visible in the picture, its clear that he did a very good job painting it.
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    That pic does look good I have to admit.

    Wonder how durable it is
  20. may i ask what kind of paint you used for those grips? is it a durable finish? i really like the way that gun looks..