Anyone ever use CenterFireSystems ?

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  1. Space

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    Thinking of ordering a Saiga-12. Centerfire has them (backordered) for $399.00.

    Probably won't ship until april but I'm in no hurry as long as I get it before the dems get into the whitehouse.

    Anyone have anything good/bad to say about them?
  2. Yep, good people...bought a Walther PP Manurhin off of them and a CZ52...nice guns...good ship.

    Ask for Lois if shes still there.....

  3. They can be kinda spotty, but thats been the case mosty on buying things like Ak parts kits and such. In the past I have heard complains about bad customer service(in the case of these recent parts kits they've got in its taken them well over a week to ship some orders), and at other times(again, as in the case of these romy kits) their product can be spotty.

    Then again, if you don't mind waiting, I don't see a problem in buying a brand new rifle from them. Just hope their next shipment does not include a "protective rust coating due to exposure to salt water during transit" like these romy kits :D
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    Just bought 6 AK kits from them, then ordered another 5 this week. They tend to be a bit slow in order processing, but if you're placing a backorder, things should work out fine for you. I wouldn't hesitate to place an order in your situation! If, however, you want something to show up fast, I'd look elsewhere because it usually takes 2.5-3 weeks to receive an order.
  5. still bloody slow, but if you don't mind waiting, who cares.

    Have you gotten your first batch of kits? what grade(s) did you get? how are they(if you have them)?
  6. Uraijit

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    Yup, got the first batch of "Grade-C" and they're in great condition. A few guys' weren't as nice as mine, including a few of the "Grade-B" kits. It's kindof a luck-of-the-draw type of thing, and I wouldn't bother ordering a Grade B kit if you decide to get some, because I think they're just grabbing them all from the same pile...

    Anyway, don't want to totally hijack this thread. I posted a thread with a few crappy pics, a few days back. You can check them out, and ask any more questions about them here:
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    They have over 300 Saiga 12's on back order. I had ordered a 12 and a .223 from them. Called and spoke to a lady and was told the 12 should ship in a week. Then I found out that they had all of those back orders, so I called back. This time a guy told me that I would be waiting a long time for the 12. I canceled the 12 and ordered it from GilbertsGuns instead. Got the 12 from Gilberts 2 days before the .223 from Centerfire. Ordered it 2 days later, but Centerfire included a free Makarov holster for some reason. Guess they want to sale me a Makarov? Anyway, I am pleased with the deal and would order from them again.
  8. Saiga 12? I would hunt and hunt around for someone who has one in stock.

    Very in demand gun.

    Centerfire has spotty record on the various AK boards. They have a tendency to put stuff on backorder for a LONG time.

    Find another dealer. If it was for a generic WASR 10, I would say "meh, if you want to wait, then wait" but for a Saiga 12, find someone that has it in stock and be prepared to spend around 400-500 dollars.

    I think the last time they were imported, they got a shipment of 800 guns or so (whomever the importer was).

    I do not like the way they put stuff on backorder. I have known of people who waited months and months for something to arrive.

    Good luck.
  9. Carbin8r

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    I bought my SKS from them and had no problems. They told me it was back-ordered about a week, and that was accurate.

    However, I also ordered a Rock Island 1911 Tactical from them. Called them after my SKS shipped only to fin the Rock Island was back ordered with no delivery time known...which they never mentioned previously. They cancelled my order nicely enough and were very pleasant.

    I ended up getting the Rock Island from Sarco, who had it in stock.

    So, I would simply suggest that whomever you order from that you be sure to confirm stock availability and expected shipping date, and then check back on the date they provide. All things considered, for the prices these places are offering, I don't mind a little wait and making a few extra phone calls...