Anyone explain what happened to me!!!???

Discussion in 'Vintage Topic Archive (Sept - 2009)' started by NRAJOE, Nov 24, 2007.

  1. Went from no Hi Points to two Hi Ppoints in 1 week...

    9mm Carbine last weekend...used...$150 otd:

    9mm C9 compact$150 otd:

    What up with dat!? :eek:
  2. What makes that clinking sound when you point it barrel down then barrel up?

  3. Thayldt21

    Thayldt21 Senior Member

    Taht sound is the drop block. Well someone will help me out on this . It is to prevent the firearm from fireing if you drop it. The sound is normal.

    Now as for your problem with the hi-points breading like rabits. Haha.

    That too is normal. LOL

    I have a C-9 and a 4095 and aim to get the 995 but there are others on top of the list. Good luck finding th proper birth control. :p

    I find that my wife is an affective tool fr that. LOL
  4. I almost picked up the .45 at the same time but will probably wait until I find the comped 9mm...

    Thanks for telling me about the clinking noise...thought something was wrong with it...didn't get to fire her Saturday should be able to....put 200 rds through her and tell y'all how she did!
  5. tju1973

    tju1973 Well-Known Member

    Good deal on the 995-- C9 is sort of high, but well within the tolerance of not "raping" you..

    All in all, Congrats!

    $300 aint a bad deal one quality firearm, not to mention TWO!!!

    Enjoy!! :D
  6. At first I though the same thing. That there was something really wrong with mine as well I shook it a little bit and listened to where it was comming from. I found that it was the counter weight.
  7. 1knight

    1knight Well-Known Member

    Congrats and welcome you will love the C9 now get a Fobus holster for the C9 and you will be in love :lol:
  8. Where you get that at bro? 8)
  9. rimfirehunter

    rimfirehunter Well-Known Member


    You have what is called HiPoint Fever, its not curable either so just deal with it as best you can. :)
  10. Thanks...1st Mosin fever, now Hi Point fever!

    Just bought a Fobus on EGAY....
  11. PrimalSeal

    PrimalSeal Well-Known Member

    Hey NRAJOE, don't worry about it... Just go shoot 2 boxes of ammo and call me in the morning! :wink:
  12. Newskate9

    Newskate9 Well-Known Member

    and you need to be WAY careful.... it spreads in ways you cannot imagine. That 995 stock.... it's days may be numbered!

    Thanks for the pics and let us know how the first shots go - WAHOOOOO for you!
  13. ronco52

    ronco52 Well-Known Member

    9mm Carbine ...used...$150 otd:
    With compensator, extra mag, pouch, now thats a good buy.
    9mm C9 compact$150 otd: That ain't bad either!
    Let us know how they shoot, and what your future additions are for them!
  14. Laser/mount also but I took that stuff off.... :wink:
  15. hpman

    hpman Guest

    Hi Point should put a package together. All the hi point guns in one package with a special carrying case like the ryobi tools at home depot. Maybe throw in a flashlight and dustbuster. :D
  16. Or how about 'preparedness' or 'defender' packs of a carbine and pistol sold together in your choice of 9 or .40, soon (hopefully) to be available in .45? That would provide a package which should list retail price under $500 but could likely be found for around $300. But, if they are having problems keeping up with demand now, why bother?

    :!: :?:

  17. That would be some sweet lovin right there.
  18. Thayldt21

    Thayldt21 Senior Member

    One can dream, That would be sweet.

    hpman wrote:
    Hi Point should put a package together. All the hi point guns in one package with a special carrying case like the ryobi tools at home depot. Maybe throw in a flashlight and dustbuster.
  19. .40cal_in_Idaho

    .40cal_in_Idaho Well-Known Member

    Aye...'tis Hi-Point fever, no doubt. I had it both carbines and the C9 at the same time...Luckily, the fever broke for about a month or so...then I went out and bought the .40
  20. Silicon Wolverine

    Silicon Wolverine Well-Known Member

    Been there. It always seems like when i get a few bought up i get relatives showing up saying "hey i need a pistol..."