Anyone familiar with GunSkins

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  1. Has anyone heard of or tried a product called GunSkins? It's a vinyl wrap for rifles, shotguns and pistols.

    Moonshine Camo opened a warehouse and distribution center locally and had their open house today. Seeing the jeeps, monster trucks and race cars sitting outside I had to stop and check it out. The gunskins they had on display were on rifle stocks, looked and felt good. They make a kit for pistols to I was thinking of picking up a C9 and trying out the pistol wrap but thought I'd ask for input first.

    So has anyone used it and if so how'd it go?
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    There was a guy on here recently that did that, I forget what thread it was on. It looked good, but he said it wasn't as easy as they claim.

  3. Is it ever? I suspect the people who make those videos have done a few of whatever they're selling. It's always easier when you have experience.

    I searched but didn't find anything but now that you mention it I believe I recall that thread. Thanks