Anyone familiar with Magpul MOE Rail

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  1. I am looking at rails for a project I want to do, and I noticed the Magpul rail, but I don't know enough about it. The product being sold at Amazon states
    I'm looking for a rail that I can attach a Vector Optics style laser to and wondering if the Magpul rail will work, and if anyone here is highly familiar with it.
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  2. tonka45

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    Magpul makes good stuff. I have an AR with MOE handguard and rails. Work fine and great quality.

    And yes they the laser you are looking will fit the rail.

  3. Cool, thanks for the reply Tonka. I like the beveled end on it, and I think it will fit nicely just ahead of the C9 trigger guard. Now to order it and get the project started.

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    i use a 4MOE Magpul rail on the forend cover of my 995TS and it is a very good product
  5. VinnieD

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    I have one on the front of my 995TS as well. It's a quick, cheap, and easy way to get your top rail to full length, which is especially nice if you want to have a longer sighting plane.