Anyone got a Mossberg plinkster

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  1. Space

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    Dicks has them on sale for $89 bucks. May need to get one.
  2. squeak_D

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    BUY IT! These are very nice little (and all pun intended) plinksters. They're affordable, easy to maintain, darn affordable to shoot with all day, well made, haven't had mine jam once, blah blah blah.

    I think they're great rifles. The model I saw Dicks blowing out was the Plinkster with the full walnut stock. That walnut stock for $89.00 makes it one hell of a bargain!

    They were also blowing out Marlin 30/30 lever actions for $299 (with scope)

  3. For a range plinker or general duty small game hunter the Mossy Plinkster is hard to beat for the money. They wont turn in match grade groups but will do just fine for the average twenty-two shooters needs. Wal Mart sells spare mags for around $10.

  4. That "walnut" stock is actually plastic/synthetic. They call it Durawood. I bought one awhile back when our Dick's was clearing them out just to throw into my collection. For $89, it doesn't get much better for a plinker .22.
    eta: the forum filter starred out the name of the store.

  5. Mine is synthetic stock with a stainless barrel got it for $99.00 at Gander Mountian i love it great weapon very good shootwer just wish i could find a bigger mag for it.
  6. I wish we had one of those stores here locally, I'd get one for my wife.
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    I had one for a while, and it did shoot great. I forgot who on here got it but I ended up trading it off and replacing it with a 10/22.
  8. I had one but sold it to my boss in a moment of weakness. He's loving it, him and his boys put a ton of rounds through that thing and only now (five, six months later) is he even starting to think it might need cleaning :)

    To cope with the Jones I had for a .22 since selling it, I got a Marlin 60, now I just need to go shoot it.
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    we have one, probably the best all round for a fun day out, just don't do the now illegal string mod on it

    cheap fun, cheap maintenance, cheap ammo

    hrmm, see a pattern ?